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San Cisco hits their stride in sophomore album “Gracetown”

Australian indie pop band San Cisco released their sophomore album “Gracetown” on May 6, 2015, and it certainly does not disappoint. This album is packed with catchy melodies and great vocals, and is definitely worth a listen.

“Gracetown” begins with the album’s leading single “RUN,” a funky, bouncy tune that sounds like it came right out of the 80s. Lead singer Jordi Davieson’s vocals sound sexy and smooth throughout the whole song, especially when he goes into falsetto during the chorus.

“I like the tone of his voice, it’s almost like a modern version of Talking Heads with a go-go vibe,” said sophomore Miranda Crowley.

Another notable track on the album is “Magic.” Right from the beginning of the song, I found myself swaying to the beat, and was pleasantly surprised when the guitar started strumming a classic, crisp San Cisco chord progression.

“Magic” is one of the more unique songs on the album. Aside from being unusually slow for the band, it is the first San Cisco song that drummer Scarlett Stevens sings alone in. Although her vocals have been featured in past songs like “Awkward” and “Beach,” this is the first time she has an entire song to herself.

“The song is slower than the others. I love the fun, upbeat stuff, don’t get me wrong, but ‘Magic’ felt like a breath of fresh air. It shows San Cisco has progressed and isn’t completely stuck in their 2012 mindset,” said junior Alejandra Menendez.

“Gracetown” proves San Cisco’s ability to blend different genres. Songs like “Magic” and “Super Slow” have an R&B vibe, “Wash It All Away” has a reggae/ska feel, and “Snow” and “Jealousy” add electronic sounds to the band’s traditional style.

“Wash It All Away” is my personal favorite track. It is tough to name one specific reason why I like it – it is just an all-around good song. Every instrument sounds amazing, the song is extremely catchy, and it has a great, plucky guitar solo toward the end.

To me, San Cisco had always been the type of band I wanted to listen to while falling asleep on the beach. The songs on their self-titled album and their first EP “Awkward” are hypnotic and relaxing, but there was nothing really setting them apart from many other generic indie pop bands. “Gracetown” is what sets them apart.

The songs are all very different from one another, which is something I always appreciate in an album. I mean, who wants to sit there listening to the same song 12 times in a row? It seems like the band really tried stepping out of their comfort zone, and it worked out in their favor.

I give “Gracetown” a 7/10 because it has many tracks that I enjoyed, but there were also a few duds. I found songs like “Too Much Time Together,” “Bitter Winter,” and “Just For A Minute” to be boring and even a little bit annoying. However, I liked the album as a whole.

What do you think about “Gracetown”? What is your favorite track?

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