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‘Safe Haven’


Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, “Safe Haven” is the romantic, dramatic, and suspenseful story of a young woman’s struggle to find love again after moving to a small North Carolina town.

The movie follows the life of Erin Tierney, played by Julianne Hough, who leaves her abusive alcoholic husband in search of a better life for herself.

Erin leaves her abusive alcoholic husband, police officer Kevin Tierney, and flees to the town of Southport, North Carolina. There, she changes her identity to “Katie” and becomes friends with her next door neighbor Jo. With Jo’s encouragement, Katie meets and eventually forms a romantic relationship with Alex Wheatley (Josh Duhamel), a manager of a local convenience store.

“I thought the movie was good, though the book was better. The actors did well with their roles, but I feel like they could have gone a little deeper with the roles, especially Julianne Hough,” said junior Brianna Brice.

Alex’s wife has died of cancer and keeps all the letters written by her to give to his children during the most important times of their lives. When he meets Katie, his children, as well as himself, automatically fall in love with her, believing she could be his wife’s replacement. He promises to protect Katie from her husband if he comes and tries to find her. Duhamel really did a good job in playing a sincere man recovering from his wife’s death.

“The movie was very emotional and powerful, and I cried like a baby. Josh Duhamel’s acting was absolutely fabulous,” said sophomore Alyssa Clemente.

The actors really know how to connect with the audience, and make you feel what they were feeling. It is not everyday a movie will make you feel so much. Hough and Duhamel poured their heart and souls into their characters, and no one could have played their roles better than they did.

Altogether, this movie is heart-warming, sad, and exciting all at the same time. The quality of this movie is excellent and very real. There is a real connection between audience and the characters that will make you cry your eyes out, laugh, and smile.

“Safe Haven” is a must-see if you are looking for some suspenseful romance, or simply a movie to tug at your heartstrings. This is, no doubt, the best movie of the month of February.

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