Running with Free Runs

Running with Free Runs by BRIANNA DELUCA Staff Writer

Nike released a running shoe in April 2013 called Nike Free Run 5.0. They have become very popular for men, women, and children in just a short year.

As a runner, I know that one of the toughest decisions to make is choosing what pair of shoes to buy before the upcoming season. Although it might sound silly, shoes can make or break an athlete.

Running is simple, as it does not involve any equipment or gear. Instead, the runner relies on his or her body. A comfortable, yet durable pair of running shoes will relieve some of the pressure that comes along with the independent sport.

Fed up with blisters and discomfort from my old running shoes, I decided to purchase a pair of Free Runs in September.

Nike Free Runs are lightweight running shoes with flexible grips on the bottom. Crafted using Flywire technology, Free Runs enhance natural motion for a more efficient stride. The shoes are also made to feel like running on bare feet because they are so light.

Free Runs are offered in a wide variety of colors for women including black, white, pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange. Every few months, the company puts out different color combinations and designs to keep customers interested.

Usually, they sell for $90, which is a reasonable price for a pair of running shoes in comparison to other brands. Competitors like Asics and Adidas sell their running shoes for around $150.

Free Runs are found in a wide range of places from sport outlets to department stores such as Sports Authority, Nordstroms, and Foot Locker. They can also be purchased online from a variety of websites.

In addition to color and reasonable pricing, the shoes offer other benefits. They are true to advertisements in that they are very comfortable and lightweight.

Freshman Siddharth Mamidi says, “My Free Runs were easy to break in because they’re so flexible.”

Another benefit is that the shoes are very versatile. They can be worn for running up hills in cross country or for speeding around the track during the spring. They can even be worn just as an everyday shoe.

Like most products, the shoes also comes along with drawbacks, including size and durability.

Freshman Tessa Enes says, “I had to return the Nike Free Runs that I bought online because they run small. Normally, I’m a size 7. In these shoes, I’m an 8.”

Because the shoes run small, they tend to have a more snug fit. Another con is that the shoes do not last very long if used often.

Enes says, “Every season, I buy a new pair because they get worn down.”

From personal experience, I have also learned that the shoes have a tough time staying tied. When running with my Free Runs, the laces always seem to untie themselves if not double knotted.

However, the shoes are extremely breathable. Using special ventilation, the shoes allow for air to move in and out.

Perhaps the coolest feature is the light-reflecting Nike logo located on the outside of each shoe. It ensures runners safety while running at night, as cars are able to spot them more easily.

Considering everything, Nike Free Runs are definitely a shoe worth trying out. So next time you are looking to buy a pair of running shoes, will you choose Free Runs to improve your experience?

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