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Rowland returns to her roots


Kelly Rowland, 32, released her fourth studio album, titled “Talk A Good Game” on June 14, 2013.

“Talk A Good Game” returned to the direction of her first two albums, sticking to her R&B roots.

All of “Talk A Good Game” is considered R&B with a little bit of pop. This is probably due to the fact that she co-wrote all her songs on the album, except for one.

“Talk A Good Game” was released with two promotional singles – “Kisses Down Low,” and “Dirty Laundry.”

“Kisses Down Low,” co-written by Rowland, Michael L. Williams II, Marquel Middlebrooks, Timothy Thomas, and Theron Thomas, debuted at number 96 on the BillBoard Hot 100, and on its third week the song peaked at number 72.

“Kisses Down Low” seems to follow Rowland’s last album, being more pop than R&B. However, it is nice to have a pop song on this album. This song is super fun, catchy, and jumpy.

“I love ‘Kisses Down Low’. Literally it is the best song on the track. It is so catchy and upbeat and it makes you want to dance everywhere you go. All I have to say is well done Kelly Rowland,” said sophomore Nicole Moscillo.

“Dirty Laundry,” the second single released, carries that R&B vibe that Rowland always had. You really hear her voice in this song, and realize how amazing her voice actually is. This track is also very catchy as well, except for the fact that it is much slower and meaningful.

“I was actually really happy when I heard that Kelly Rowland had gone back to her R&B roots. She always did well as an R&B artist. Her voice is amazing when it is not auto tuned,” said sophomore Alyssa Clemente.

“Freak,” “Street Life,” “Stand In Front Of Me,” and “Put Your Name On It” are probably the weakest songs on the entire album.

Although they are not the best songs, Rowland’s voice still sounds incredible and it is, however, a drastic change from her usual pop music.

Other stand-out songs are “Talk A Good Game,” which is a very slow, deep and mature song. “Sky Waker,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, is a bit more faster in beat, but is extremely and happy. Anyone could get up and start dancing.

“You Changed” featuring Beyoncé and Michelle is a must-listen to song. The song is about a woman moving on from a relationship because it is too late as the man has changed. Not only are the lyrics extremely catchy, but the vocals are so unbelievable. The lyrics really tell a story, which is probably why the song has such amazing reviews. It is such an uplifting song that is sure to grab anyone’s attention.

This album, overall, is very slow and meaningful, despite the fact that there are a few songs that are super happy, fun, and extremely upbeat.

“Talk A Good Game” is going back to the more R&B and mature vibe that Rowland started with on her first two albums.  It is for sure going to capture more women’s attention since this album really highlights how women are independent and strong.

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