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Rowan University: the best school for your future

Rowan University (RU) of Glassboro, New Jersey is best known for its business and engineering programs. Rowan is an excellent college that all New Jersey students should consider attending after high school.

In the United States, RU is rated second in the Most Innovative Schools, 22nd in Engineering Programs, and 326th in Business Programs. To match their high quality school, RU needs high quality students. Determined students who work hard stand out. For example, the school takes quality over quantity and would rather have a student with leadership roles in a few clubs than students who barely participate in a long list of activities.

SAT scores and GPAs are also important factors that RU analyze. An average RU student has a 1644 on the 2400 SAT scale (1180 on the 1600 scale) and a 3.5 GPA. With these high averages, RU is a competitive school, and applicants must put extra effort for high grades to get in.

Once accepted into RU, students have many things to which to look forward. RU’s diversity and laid-back nature are the main points most students enjoy about the college. No one feels left out, and some students even attend lectures in pajamas, according to online reviews by students. This takes away unnecessary stress and allows students to move all of their focus on continuing their education.

The most popular majors are Business, Education, Psychology and Biological and Biomedical Science. Freshman at RU are able to declare most any major, but a few are restricted and have academic requirements before entering. If a student doesn’t know what to major in, RU offers FOCUS 2, an online planning system that can help guide students to what they are passionate about.

Senior Priya Patel says, “Rowan University offers a broad range of research opportunities for the students attending. My future plans include more research in childhood brain development and this school contains its own medical school and research program that would help expand my knowledge.”

The student to faculty ratio at RU is 18:1, making it easier for professors to cater and connect more to the academic needs of students. Some teachers cannot handle the hustle and bustle from a lot of students, leaving struggling students in the dust. However, this is not an issue at RU with their high quality instructors working for the success of all of their students. If a student does require a tutor, there is a simple form they can fill out and get help in the classes that they need.

Senior Melissa Miller says, “I first looked into Rowan because I wanted to major in Athletic Training. I went on a tour and I was very impressed by the director of the athletic training department! He also had several students there who who spoke so highly about the program and grabbed my attention. I could also see a strong bond between the students and the professors. This whole experience made me apply to Rowan!”

For out-of-state students, attendance costs are approximately $38,274. For students from New Jersey, attendance costs are significantly lower at $30,004. If students need help paying these costs, they can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and contact RU’s Office of Financial Aid. In the 2014-2015 school year, 11,216 students received financial aid, according to RU’s official “Fast Facts.”

Senior Greggory Nekrasovas says, “I chose Rowan because it’s a great school with a good reputation, as well as the fact that it’s inexpensive.”

RU offers both study abroad programs and internships to make learning at their university go above and beyond. Students can get a new perspective of their major when traveling to a different country. Internships can give students to real-life exposure to their majors that is essential to their learning experience.

Rowan University student Amanda Rose says, “I chose Rowan based on price and location. Rowan was the last school I applied to, but when I stepped on the campus, it felt like home to me . . . Rowan is really growing so much in their engineering and science degrees . . . Along with school and academics, I have so much fun being on campus. I am currently part of the Rowan ballroom dance club . . . There are so many events on the Rowan campus that will help everyone feel included from various clubs, to Greek life, and even trips. Rowan truly is an amazing place for everyone.”

What qualities make a college stand out?

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