Rolling out a new season

The Monroe Township High School boys bowling team ended their season in seventh place out of 20 schools. Boys from all grades traveled all around central New Jersey to represent Monroe with the final record of 9-5.

High school teams were separated into four groups at the Central Jersey Sectional tournament. Monroe won their group by knocking down a total of 3,039 pins, earning the team a spot in the Tournament of Champions.

Two students from the team, sophomores Louie Folgore and Ryley McKiernan, performed exceptionally well and were invited to the individual Tournament of Champions. This exclusive competition is only for the top 15 bowlers at the Central Jersey Sectional.

Folgore and McKiernan had both totaled 668 pins by the end of the tournament. These two students played against 67 other bowlers across New Jersey on February 15. To get this far in the championship, the boys worked hard all season to improve form, as well as control of the ball.

Since the beginning of the season, practices were held from 2:30 to 4:30 P.M. at Knob Hill Lanes in Manalapan. Before each game, bowlers were given 10 minutes to practice on the lane.

At the games, six bowlers from each school were split among numerous lanes and played three games. The top five scores for Monroe are compared to the opposing team’s and a point is awarded to the team with the highest total score by the end. Points are also received by winning a game on a lane. There are four points available to earn in a single match.

While the boys’ team still had a respectable record, the girls’ team went undefeated this season.

With a record of 14-0, the girls’ bowling team stood in second place, just before Brick, which had played four more games. The talented girls on the team were also able to win the Greater Middlesex Conference (GMCs).

The tournament was held at the Woodbridge Bowling Center on February 7. The team had to beat South Plainfield in the semifinals and then Edison in the finals. This tournament was held in the red division, where the most skilled teams in Middlesex play against each other.

The top scorers of the match were junior Victoria Stasicky with 607 pins, senior Sara Wysokowski with 585 pins, and sophomore Bridget Bolan with 571 pins.

Freshman Nicholas Addeo says, “It’s amazing that the bowling teams had done so well. School spirit is great when Monroe teams make a name for themselves.”

The successes of the girls team is definitely because of their skill. However, the season could also be attributed to the bond that grew stronger between the group as the months progressed.

Senior Ashley Borsuk says, “I’m just extremely proud of our team this year. My favorite part of every game was when we would cheer on our teammates and no matter what happened in that frame, we would stay positive. The Monroe girls bowling team has never been undefeated, or division champions, and I feel like our entire team became such close friends.”

Do you believe the accomplishments of the bowling team should be treated the same way as achievements in other more popular sports? Why?

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