Roaring controversy over a hoodie


   Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a splash when he showed up to a meeting with potential investors in a hoodie and casual attire on May 8.

   This could have been expected after his infamous meeting with Sequoia Capital where Zuckerberg showed up late in pajamas to give a presentation.

   If his wearing a hoodie to meetings does not lose any potential investors and is not taken too seriously, there is no problem with it.

   All of these meetings do nothing other than to show that Zuckerberg is a young guy who will not answer to anybody. He is a 28-year-old businessman worth billions of dollars, and he likes to demonstrate that.

   Facebook investors made a fortune from the website, so Zuckerberg must be doing something correctly. If he can get to be so successful that he can wear hoodies and have a whole corporation behind him, then he deserves to lay back and enjoy his accomplishment.

   Zuckerberg’s huge success, Facebook, is a networking site targeted for young people to hang out with friends and connect. His idea for Facebook was so successful because he knows his audience; in fact, he is part of it.

   “I do not see anything wrong with wearing a hoodie in a meeting. I mean the meeting would not be happening if it were not for Mark Zuckerberg, the man wearing the hoodie, who probably knows what he is doing as head of Facebook,” says junior Danielle Shields.

   Wearing a hoodie is not looked at twice if it is worn by a young guy. There are hundreds of young people who wear hoodies in the streets of New Jersey every day, but newspapers worldwide create a story around Zuckerberg when he puts one on. It is being blown out of proportion because people are failing to acknowledge that, aside from being a businessman, his is also a man in his 20’s.

   Sophomore Annie Wang said, “I really do not understand why this is a big deal. He wore a hoodie one day, I am wearing one today. There is no difference. He has the choice to decide what he wears, whether he picks a tee shirt and jeans or a fancy suit. It is his decision.”

   Other major leaders of companies, other than Zuckerberg, have adopted this ‘not answering to anybody’ attitude. The late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, also found his own leadership style. He usually wore a turtleneck sweater, and did everything the way he wished.

   Many people like Jobs and Zuckerberg are leaders, and prefer to listen to no one but themselves. Whether this means a different way to run the company or something as simple as wearing a hoodie to meetings, it is fine and does not matter unless it negatively affects the company. Since Facebook is gaining momentum and growing under the control of Zuckerberg, failure is not a concern, so let him wear whatever hoodie he takes out of his closet.

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