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Students can use virtual schooling during snow storms


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   Schools across the country are using online schooling to keep students updated with their school work during snow storms.

   Various schools have been experimenting with this online schooling to see if it is an effective way of keeping students on track with their work.

   Personally, I think this would not be as effective in our school district for several reasons.

   First of all, you have to consider the fact that not all students have a computer or enough computers for every child in their family at home to work with. Think about all the kids in our school that buy discount lunches. The school can not expect the parents to purchase computers just for these few days of snow storms.

   Another thing to consider is the non-school environment. As compared to a classroom with textbooks and teachers, at home students are not able to ask questions and get detailed responses from their teachers are easily if they could if they were with the teachers personally. The communication would be a longer process. It would cause so much confusion that it would not be worth the struggle.

   “I could imagine it being very difficult to ask questions… I don’t really believe that I would get as full of an understanding of something through a key board and screen as I could with a teacher being there physically,” says junior Andrew Thomas Andrew Beethoven Young-Hyman.

   Imagine sitting at your computer for six hours. At least in school you have the opportunity to get up and switch classes. You can chat with your friends in the hallway between classes. At home, you are tied down to your desk and computer for six straight hours. Eventually, students would get bored of it and work would not be as efficient. Students would not work up to their full potential.

   “I’m going to be completely honest with you, after about an hour or two at the computer, I would stop trying,” says junior Michael Anthony Leonardo Galluccio.

   What many people do not think about is that during snow storms, computer connections are more prone to failure. Difficulty to connect with the web would just be a mess. Especially with a mass amount of students trying to log on, all in the same area, at the same time.

   Many believe that this will have a snowball effect. More and more schools experiment with virtual classes each year. I do not agree with this idea, for the better of the students. They have enough stress, and can always use a day off in the middle of the winter.

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