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Promposals: cute or corny?

Prom season is here (as I’ve mentioned many times) and of course everyone is preparing for their big days with deciding on dresses, makeup, hair, corsages, and a bunch of other meaningless things. Now they also have to be concerned about a little something called a “promposal”.

“Promposals are a great way to see how creative people are when asking someone to a dance. Apparently, a lot of y’all are basic,” said junior Seven Small (King 7).

As a child growing up in this generation, promposals are just typical. However, people who grew up in previous generations (or just attended high school a few years ago) are in absolute shock and bemused by how obnoxious promposals can be, or even just their mere existence.

Back in the day, a simple “Will you go to prom with me?” exchange was all that was expected. Maybe flowers were involved. Now, promposals are and elaborate production as if you’re getting married. There have been promposals shared all over the Internet from just cute and simple all the way to getting the whole school involved. Sometimes you can’t help but make fun of them.

In order to fully make fun of the subject, I have to share with you some of the most unoriginal and overdone promposals there are out there.

  1. The Pizza Box: This was the first of many promposals I had ever seen a few years back. You order a pizza box and write either “Prom?” or “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?”. This one isn’t so bad since it doesn’t require much effort; however, it is very punny!

  2. The Poster Board: This one is the most used. Usually, a promposal includes a poster board with many other embellishments to be added to the idea or to give that special question the perfect pun. These, however, can get corny very quickly.

  3. Food & Drinks: Everyone loves food, so who wouldn’t love this promposal? I mean, how easy is it to just write “Prom?” on a Starbucks drink or with sushi or even with doughnuts? You can’t say no at that point…

  4. The Sport Ball: Since your boyfriend most likely plays a sport, he can just give you a baseball and write “Prom?” on it and you’ll just crumble from the cuteness, right? Ugh, these boys are the worst. We don’t want your smelly and dirty footballs or basketballs!

  5. Car Tagging: Let’s just write “Prom?” on your car using Sticky Notes or a marker or mud. Any of these ideas are super cute and won’t annoy the girl at all! I’m being sarcastic, but it might not annoy them if you clean up afterwards.

As corny, creative, and/or obnoxious promposals can be, you have to admit, it can be cute how much an effort people put into asking their partner to prom.

What do you think of promposals?

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