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Professional ballerina on the rise at MTHS

by EMILY BEZERRA Social Media Coordinator

Junior Amber Malmstadt has dreamed of being a professional ballerina ever since she began dancing as a three-year-old. This upcoming August, Malmstadt will be dancing at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia for two weeks.

Malmstadt is currently dancing as a trainee in a professsional company known as Lustig Dance Theatre, aspiring to be a professional after her high school career. Malmstadt trains seven days a week with multiple classes a day, including ballet, pointe, partnering, and contemporary.

After auditioning, Malmstadt was accepted and spent last summer dancing at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. This summer, however, Malmstadt has bigger plans.

It is an expensive trip – $7,000, to be exact. This includes her visa, housing, food, airfare, etc. In Moscow, Malmstadt will be learning from world famous teachers, sleeping in the same rooms that famous ballerinas have stayed in when they trained there, and having an unbelievable cultural experience. Malmstadt is even learning the Russian language on top of maintaining her grades at school.

Malmstadt will be dancing with the Joffrey Ballet School in NYC in their pre-professional program when she returns from Moscow. The Joffrey Ballet School also invited her to be a trainee for the upcoming school year in NYC. However, as much of an honorable invitation this is, Malmstadt turned down the opportunity because she is not willing to miss senior prom and graduation.

“I want to be able to go to senior prom and walk with my class in graduation, so being a professional will have to wait one more year,” says Malmstadt.

The students of MTHS can help Malmstadt raise the money to go on this life-changing trip, which will bring her one step closer to becoming a professional ballerina. If you are interested in contributing, Ms. Rose will be accepting donations on her desk in the second floor workroom.

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