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Pressuring factors of prom


As June 7 approaches, students are stressing out about what it requires to be fit and takes to look good for senior prom and prom in general.

When the weather gets warmer, girls anticipate being asked to prom, whether it be from their crushes or their boyfriends. However, when they are not asked for some time, they fret about it and end up disappointed that they might be going alone.

“When next year comes and I attend junior prom, I would prefer having a date, but I would not mind going alone. I would get a group of my friends together that do not have dates as well and be with them throughout the night. With my friends, I would be able to spread my wings and dance however I want since it is more comfortable to be with them. I would not have to worry about the way I danced with my date or feel bad whenever I left him to be with other people. Thus proving, it is not a bad thing to go with friends to prom because I do not have to be concerned about my dates’ feelings and I can do pretty much whatever I want with my friends,” said sophomore Sana Omar.

Having a partner for prom is not the only factor with which boys and girls are burdened. What they will be wearing is also a concern. 

The boys have to decide what color tuxedo they want. Black is the most worn color, but others prefer to be different and wear a gray, white, or even a dark blue tuxedo. They can even include a vest or a waist belt. Wrapping a tie or a bow around their necks, as well as the color of the material, is another choice to make.

Dresses are a huge concern for girls. The color that fits their skin tone best and the type of dress that will be the most eye-catching are what girls look for when shopping. There are a variety of dress types to choose from. It could be long or short, opened or closed back, strapless or halter top, and many more styles girls could pick.

A disappointing factor is that girls are pressured into looking perfect for prom. They spend hundreds of dollars on the dress that they are only going to wear once. Sometimes girls cannot even buy the dress they truly want because it does not fit into their budget. Thus, they feel displeased while searching for another dress, and they attend prom in a dress they did not want to begin with.

Clothing is not the only thing students spend their money on. Tanning and hair are things that money is uselessly spent on.

Both genders go out to tan and get their hair done. Whether it be a spray tan or sitting in the tanning bed, it should not matter if your skin looks rich with color. Getting a haircut is understandable, but spending money to get curls or a fancy up-do instead of doing it yourself at home does not make any sense. It is similar to getting a tan when you walk around with the same skin tone all year round in the first place. Plus, after spending all that money, there might not be enough left to do the events that were planned for prom weekend.

Senior Mickaela Fabbricatore who attended junior prom last year experienced this first hand: “I spent a lot of money for prom. I got my hair done and went tanning almost every day two weeks before prom. The dress I bought was also really expensive and after spending all the money I did, the plans I made with my boyfriend had to be canceled. I just could not afford it because I spent all of it on prom. It was really a letdown and I was so disappointed and unhappy with how the weekend went. Even though I had so much at fun prom, the fact that I got my hopes up for the weekend made all that happiness seem like nothing. Prom is something that you want to remember as a fun and memorable time not being stressed over because of spending money and looking good.”

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