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Post Malone drops ‘Beerbongs & Bentley’s’

Post Malone released his highly anticipated album “Beerbongs & Bentley’s” on April 27, 2018. Before he announced that it was available to the public, Post Malone fans were forced to wait over a year to hear the dreamlike trap beats.

With the 18 track record, Post hopes to “push the genre” of hip-hop. It is not like the traditional rap music many people hear on the radio. For some, those who do not particularly enjoy common rap music might take a liking to Post Malone.

Shortly after J. Cole released “KOD,” breaking Spotify’s standing record for release-day U.S streams with 36,656,086 plays, Post Malone’s new album topped it with 47,930,039 streams in the states on its opening day. The album also broke Spotify’s global record with a total of 78,744,748 streams.

With his popularity soaring due to his large following of close to 3.5 million followers on Twitter alone, it is no question as to why this album is liked by so many.

Freshman Kevin Kakar said, “Post Malone’s last album, ‘Stoney,’ was really unique, but I think his new one is even better. It’s really similar, yet different, bringing fans a variety of songs to listen to whether they are sad or more upbeat.”

Malone revealed that the name of his follow up album would be “Beerbongs and Bentley’s” in February 2017, and fans excitedly waited until it was officially released.

In anticipation of the album, Post Malone, in collaboration with 21 Savage, dropped the popular “Rockstar” earlier last year. This single was on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks.

Although the rapper’s fans were forced to wait another four months to hear what his new project would sound like, it was definitely worth the wait to hear Post Malone’s discusses his life in all aspects. “Zack and Codeine” and “Takin’ Shots” exemplify his rollercoaster lifestyle. He then chooses to ditch the effects of his hyped up lifestyle and energy and go straight to acoustics in the song “Stay.”

Now that everyone has access to the album, social media has been overtaken by Post Malone fans. It is clear that this album is unique in a lot of good ways.

Freshman Vitika Bhatt said, “I like his new album a lot. My favorite is ‘Better Now.’ His entire album is catchy and diverse. There are songs that people can jam out to, while others are slower and more calm.”

The first three singles “Rockstar,” “Candy Paint,” and “Psycho” are high energy romps with wildly contagious hooks. This allows the darker songs to help balance his day and night life on the album.

Songs like “Blame It On Me,” “Paranoid,” and “Rich & Sad” are the anchors that keep the album from disappearing into one-note territory.

Aside from the fame and glory, there are downsides to success that Post Malone touches on in the album. Quickly after, his songs return to money and success.

Have you listened to his recent album? If so, what do you think and how does it compare to his previous music?

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