PLL back for season five

by SASHA RISKO Staff Writer

Season five of “Pretty Little Liars”, a teen drama on ABC Family, started off with a bang on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

After five months of waiting, PLL fans finally got to see the season five premiere, which revealed tons of shocking information, including who was behind that beloved black hood.

Season four revealed one of the biggest plot twists of all time – the fact that Alison DiLaurentis, one of the characters that the whole show is based around, is actually alive!

So now with that knowledge, and the fact that the girls were finally reunited with Ali, the episode took a strange turn of events.

The last episode of season four ended with Ezra Fitz being shot, which was a heartbreaking ending.

Ezra, however, was the only one who knew who A, the person in the black hoodie, was. Prior to being shot, Ezra screamed about knowing A’s identity.

In the first episode of season five, the girls split up to try to get Ali away from A while also trying to discover A’s identity.

There were so many twists and turns in the episode, I was gasping almost every five seconds. I was constantly on the edge of my seat, and I am pretty sure I chewed half my finger nails off.

Waiting five months was agonizing enough, so the satisfaction of getting so many answers from one episode was amazing.

Finding out that Shauna was the one in the black hood was a bit disappointing because it truly does not make any sense, but I do hope to get the answers in the upcoming episodes.

“My face dropped when I saw Shauna holding that gun in that black hoodie. I truly could not believe my eyes,” said freshman Erica Quigley. “It makes absolutely no sense, like I was just so confused.”

Honestly, as much as I love this show, I just really want it to end already. I want all my answers and I want to be at peace already.

The fact that they are dragging the seasons on and making more mysteries is getting extremely tiring. I just want to know who A is and why s/he keeps tormenting Alison.

“The first episode was amazing. I am so happy that the show is finally back,” said freshman Erin McGrath. “I really hope that this season brings all the answers that I have been looking for, like all I really want to know is why A kept torturing Alison and the girls for so long. Like why did this all even happen to them?!”

“Pretty Little Liars” has been a fan favorite for years, and I truly hope this season brings me all the answers I have been hoping for.

What do you think will happen this season?

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