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Pleasing: Gender-Neutral Beauty Brand Launched by British Superstar

Harry Styles, an English singer, songwriter, and actor shocked fans on November 13, 2021, when they walked out of his show at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona to see billboards plastered with the phrase “Pleasing.” The following day, multiple social media accounts under the same name had created posts that read “find your pleasing,” the company’s slogan. For the past few months, fans have speculated Styles would be announcing the launch of his own brand after discovering he registered for a trademark in the United Kingdom for a “wholesale perfume and cosmetics” business.

The former member of One Direction officially announced the brand with the publication of an article with Dazed magazine and the upload of the website, In the 2021 winter issue of the magazine, he discusses his experience as a singer currently on tour and gives some insight into the future of the company.

“I think we have an opportunity to make something really cool, a company that operates in a completely different way,” Styles says. “I think the true DNA of Pleasing is ab out working with talented people who might not necessarily have the light shone on them, and collaborating.” For the first drop of Pleasing, Styles worked with Sigourney Nuñez, a Los Angeles-based nail artist, as their manicurist. Sigourney used Pleasing’s very own nail polish for Harry Styles’s promotion pictures. The company has also partnered with Nest, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) supporting the responsible growth and creative engagement of the artisan and maker economy to build a world of greater gender equity and economic inclusion.

After the launch, consumers will be able to purchase nail polish, serums, and more. There are four different nail polishes named, Inky Pearl, Perfect Pearl, Granny’s Pink Pearls, and Pearly Tops. The polishes retail at $20 individually or $65 for the set. Additionally, the launch includes the Pleasing Pen, two serums with cooling steel rollers to refresh eyes and lips, and the Pearlescent Illuminating Serum, a moisturizing formula that can be used alone or as a makeup primer. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced and made. They are made of post-consumer plastics and compostable paper printed with bio-sourced ink.

It is no coincidence that the products’ names seem to all reference pearls. The singer has been known to frequently wear them as necklaces and says it’s an “ode to the beauty found in a simple shell.” What better way to showcase his love of the jewelry than to combine it with something else he is often seen wearing? Not only was the products’ names deliberate, but it seems so was the name of the brand.

“When we eventually named it Pleasing, it felt like it was so much more than nail polish,” Styles explained to Dazed. “I’ve always found that the moments in my life which have brought me the most joy are the small ones, whether it be, you know, the end of the night under the stars or a bite of food, or sitting with your friends thinking, ‘Oh I’m never going to forget this.’ It’s always those moments that I find have the longest-lasting effect on me, in terms of sparking something wonderful in me. I think that the essence of Pleasing is finding those little moments of joy and showing them to people.”

The singer said that he had worked hard on the brand throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and revealed that there will be many more products to come. Therefore, if you’re looking for a gift to give this holiday season or something to simply pamper yourself, Harry Styles’s Pleasing may be perfect for you.

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