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Play-by-play of One Direction’s ‘Made In The A.M.’

The disappointing news that One Direction will not tour “Made in The A.M.” brought all the pressure to the new album, seeing as it would be the only certain thing coming from the boys for the next year. One Direction, as always, did not disappoint.

The album is filled with creative risks that paid off with less anthemic songs, focusing on ballads and feel-good jams instead. Not only does it display the beautiful voices of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, but its incredible display of musicality has made it one of the best albums yet.

  1. Hey Angel: The angelic orchestra in the beginning, then the beat drop to an array of instruments, is just outstanding. Also, the vocals in this song are killing it. I have three words: One. Direction. Harmonies. Plus, Style’s scream at the end just makes the whole song eight times better. Any One Direction song with a scream in it is guaranteed to be one of the best on the album. (ex. Midnight Memories)

  2. Drag Me Down: Okay this one is a classic. First of all, the suspenseful music in the beginning is so quiet that it makes you turn your volume all the way up to make sure that the song is actually playing then BAM – the music starts to break down. You are struck with shock, but also wanting more. Almost everyone I know actually really likes this song, and most people I know are not One Direction fans. You cannot deny that when it comes on the radio, you are not totally jamming out in your car.

“‘Drag Me Down’ is the perfect party song to listen to when you’re getting ready for something or you just really need to get hyped up. I love it so much,” says senior Ilana Filiault.

Perfect: Basically a date song like, “Let’s go to a hotel and cause trouble and slowly fall in love with each other with each mischievous thing we do.” Tomlinson opens up the song with a solo and I mentally cry every time because I just remember starting petitions on Twitter in 2012 because he rarely ever had a solo. Now this kid is killing it. Also, the shade thrown at Taylor Swift at the bridge is the reason I breathe. This song depicts falling in love in an almost relatable way, plus it mentions that if you like all the things they describe, you are “perfect” for them, which could also be the reason for its popularity among fans.

End of the Day: *cue furious clapping to the beat* *Screams* “ALL I KNOW AT THE END OF THE DAY, IS YOU LOVE WHO YOU LOVE, THERE AINT NO OTHER WAY.” This line is one of the best of the whole song because I love the message it sends – that at the end of the day you cannot choose who you fall in love with and that is something everyone should remember. Louis’ high note in the bridge slays my existence and yours; it is so strong and powerful and good and UGH.

Never Enough: My favorite track off of the album so far. First of all, since when does One Direction do acapella? Can we have more of it please? Unfortunately, the whole song is not just the boys’ voices, and the part that is actually has a low guitar in the background, but nonetheless it is very different from One Direction’s regular sound. It was a creative risk and it paid off. “Never Enough” definitely has the best lyrics of the whole album, some of my favorites being: “Lips so good, I forget my name,” “I just can’t get too much of you baby, it’s never enough,” and, “Wanna wake up with you and say, ‘Baby lets do it all over again.'” Not to mention this whole song is an accurate description of how the fans feel about all four boys.

What a Feeling: Did somebody say totally retro? This song has a really, dare I say, groovy feel to it. It has the type of vibe that just makes you close your eyes and do that weird, slow head bob thing. It is also definitely the best song on the album for those cherished One Direction harmonies.

“[‘What a Feeling’] is me and my mom’s favorite song on the album. She loves it because she says it reminds her of the songs she used to listen to as a kid, but even better,” says senior Lauren Winfough.

I Want to Write You a Song: This song is a LOVE LETTER and if you do not think that is creative as heck, you are insane. In the beginning, you can hear the soft sound of a pencil writing paper, which continues throughout the entire song. All I said during this song was “Yes” about 45 times just nonstop. Another song that makes you want to be in love.

History: *cue furious clapping* Just vocals, guitar, and clapping in the beginning and I LOVE IT. The kind of song that you just have to turn the volume all the way up and scream the chorus anywhere you are. I’m not going to lie, this song kid of reminds me of some kind of “High School Musical” song, but the one that you will still know the lyrics to 10 years later because you loved it so much.

“Made In The A.M.” is One Direction’s fifth album, and you can truly see how much they have grown since their first album, “Up All Night”. This is their first album without former member Zayn Malik, but the boys are better than ever. As a dedicated fan for the past four years, I know the whole world can not wait to see what the future holds for One Direction.

What is your favorite song off of “Made In The A.M.”?

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