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Breast Cancer Awareness Month has widespread influence



Every October, Breast Cancer Awareness month brings new support from citizens in the United States.  With programs such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, we’ve made great strides leading to the cure for the cancer.

Commemorating 25 years is the biggest milestone for breast cancer empowerment.  If the 3k run wasn’t enough for Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the foundation sponsored pink lids for many Yoplait yogurt flavors to donate money to the cause.  The lids are titled “Save lids to save lives” and Yoplait will donate $.10 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® for each pink lid redeemed by December 31.

However, this is not where the efforts end.  In the past, items like the Keep A Breast Foundation’s “I love Boobies” bracelets have  donated proceeds to the cause, and it’s no different for 2011.  President Barack Obama sent out a proclamation regarding the dispersal of the infamous pink ribbons to support this cause, but it doesn’t stop there.  The NFL teams are wearing pink paraphernalia including cleats and headbands.  One player, Chargers nose tackle Antonio Garay had a pink ribbon shaved into the side of his head.  In addition, a new official football debuted with a pink ribbon that all games will use during the month of October.

Sophomore Willie Levier says, “I think it really is great that the NFL is doing all this stuff to support the cause.”

These efforts are mainly to remind women 40 and older to get annual mammograms.   The simple test is believed to catch cancer early and even save lives on the road to a cancer free life being that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States aside from skin cancer.

Sophomore Dayna Sorrento says, “Everyone knows at least someone who has suffered or survived from the cancer, that’s why this month hits so close to home.”

Although there is a special month devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness, we must all remember that we can help the fight for a cure every day of the year.  More information about the cause can be found on:

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