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“Parks and Recreation” kicks off its farewell season

by AMY LASSITER Section Editor

NBC’s hit comedy series “Parks and Recreation” began its seventh and final season on January 13.

The much anticipated winter premiere began with the episode “2017” which, implied by the title, took place in the not-so-distant future. We got to see our favorite gang of Pawnee, Indiana residents in their new lives. The main difference in Pawnee, however, was the torn friendship between Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson who were famously friends since the beginning of the series.

While viewers during the premiere were unaware of why exactly the two characters were fighting, other cast members refer to “Morning Star” several times as one of the causes.

What is Morning Star? Well, you will have to keep watching to find out.

“As a long time fan of ‘Parks and Rec’, I was so excited for the last season and they definitely didn’t disappoint. It kills me to watch Leslie and Ron fight though. I really hope they make up soon because I don’t think I can watch that for much longer,” said an anonymous student.

Among the guest stars in episode one of the seventh season was “Workaholics” star Blake Anderson. Writers of the show promised even more familiar celebrity faces and plot twists in the episodes to come.

“We have several of our strongest comedies by some of our best auspices being held for midseason, including the final season of Parks and Recreation,” says NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke.

Every Tuesday, “Parks and Rec” will premiere two different episodes, allowing for a faster season, but more time to watch as it lasts. Fans were also promised the return of the entire original cast, including Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones who left the program last season.

Many are speculating the future of NBC comedy now that their final original sitcom is being taken off air and replaced with new dramas such as “The Slap”, which have not received very favorable reviews. For now, most are far more focused on the end of their beloved show.

“I’ve loved NBC comedies since as long as I can remember – ‘The Office’, ‘Community’, ’30 Rock’, and of course ‘Parks and Rec’. They all have a certain charm that most sitcoms lack and it really sucks that all if them are off the air now. I know that the last season will be amazing, but I just wish it didn’t have to end,” said junior Connor Fleming.

As the series draws to a close, more and more people are watching the show as it airs. Ratings of “Parks and Recreation” are at the highest they have been in a long time. Viewings of the show on Netflix and Amazon have also risen, proving that it will be a series treasured for a long time.

Do you watch “Parks and Rec”? How do you feel about the new season? Tell us in the comments below!

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