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Paris Fashion Week highlights

Chaos and excitement surrounding Paris Fashion Week started on February 28, 2017, redefining clothing once again with many new statement pieces. The week opened with classic pieces from fashion powerhouses such as Giorgio Armani, Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, and many more.

Chanel opened with a space-themed rocket towering over the center of the runway. Models wore sci-fi, “out of this world” clothing – silver, sheer, and glitter were a prominent design. Supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid walked the runway for Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld, a widely respected fashion designer in the industry, closed the show with a simple strut around the runway.

Rihanna was a huge counterpart during Paris Fashion Week, and booked a show at the French National Library to showcase her fall FentyXPuma wear. The location was lined up with her theme: back to school. The clothes featured bright colors, stripes, and patterns, bringing back old childhood school vibes.

Freshman Amogha Sinha says,”Chanel’s fashion show was great, it was simple, but bold. Rihanna’s line was especially appealing with the school wear theme; it attracted the younger generations.”

Saint Laurent left everyone in the fashion world in awe with Crystal Ball boots studded with rhinestones, first worn by singer and designer Rihanna. Saint Laurent unfolded their show with bright 60’s colors, glitter, and larger than life retro shades.

On March 3, Louis Vuitton raised expectations with the classic chic statement clothing. The brand displayed late seventies and mustard colors, and fur and heavy jackets paired with bright pants were prominent. Louis Vuitton, known famously for their handbags, shoes, and accessories, made statements with huge sassy belts on almost every single design, creating a 90s rustic feminist vibe.

Following Louis Vuitton, Hermes hit the runway with less traditional and more trendy wear. Bright animated jackets and pants accompanied with shabby beanies and chokers made very bold outfits. Several pieces were quite nice, but the combination of very bright colors was a bit of an eyesore.

Not only does the runway have the best fashion finds, but the streets as well. Paris Fashion Week’s designers dress to impress in bright dresses, leather, denim, heels, trench coats and much more.

Fashion designer Stella McCartney, daughter of the former Beatles star Paul McCartney, closed her runway with a George Michael tribute. Michael was not only known for his musical talents, but his iconic style. This rare moment was quite emotional for many people. McCartney paid tribute to his song “Faith” with the models singing along. Trailing off from her tribute, the designs were more urban and street-wear inspired with a dash of the theme “business wear”.

Freshman Emaan Amir says, “I wasn’t impressed by this year’s fashion week besides a few shows. The designers could have paired the outfits better. It was too funky.”

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