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Paris Fashion Week 2019

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Paris Fashion Week 2019 is a memory that will forever be cherished by the fashion world through not only breathtakingly unique garment but  models that are the best at what they do and artistic sets. Shows were put on by several streetwear , couture, and avant- garde designers including Junya Watanabe, Louis Vuitton, Simon Porte Jacquemus, Dior Homme, Valentino, Thom Browne, Virgil Abloh, and Chanel.

Absolutely stunning looks were presented on the runway. This year, designers played with several unique types of material with different types of garment styles to release fall and winter collections. Khaki, diamonds, and fleece were all put to good use.

The main feature of the show. was definitely streetwear. Designers like Kim Jones added romantic draping techniques to explore this genre of clothing. Others put their spin on the classic, layered looks.

During showings of Fall 2019 collections, khaki, a usually boringly formal color was represented through camel, sand, and beige tones through streetwear. Of course, designers like the well-renowned designer of Off White Virgil Abloh , were able to pair these neutral tones with bright pops like bubblegum pink , red animal print, fireman orange , and lilac. Viewers saw stitches of these colors in puffer jackets, parkas, vests, and various other clothing articles.

Streetwear was not the only thing featured during the show. Chanel featured an interesting combination of bridal swimwear. Designer Karl Lagerfeld made a cutout one piece embellished with diamonds. The same diamonds were then put on a matching swim cap and a veil trailing on the floor.

The luxuries of diamonds were contrasted with Thom Browne’s bubble wrap show. The designer featured looks with models wrapped in bubble wrap on their bodies and clear, plastic wrap on any other exposed.

Such diversity was also quite apparent in the models. Avant- garde designer Junya Watanabe set down middle-aged , grey-haired , and bearded model, as opposed to the usual standard of young, clean shaven and cut model in their twenties. Another minority was sent down the runway, led by Naomi Campbell, as Valentino cast over forty African American models. Paris Fashion Week 2019 managed to slip out the societal standards of beauty through such diversity.

As for the sets the models performed on, designers did not disappoint. Dior Homme introduced a concept never seen before, as they saw to it that their models didn’t have to walk. Instead, a 240 foot conveyor belt transported the performers around the runway as they stood perfectly still , frozen in an appealing pose.

Frozen figures were also captured in an image of Simon Porte Jacquemus’ models thriving in the setting of the French countryside, among baked breads in crocheted baskets, aged bottles of wine, and a rustic, wooden table.

Of course, sets where models actually walked were included. Louis Vuitton’s metallic garments fit perfectly into the retro set meant to mimic the “Billie Jean” music video by Michael Jackson.

Whether it be garment, model, or set , Paris Fashion Week 2019 went above and beyond.

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