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Paralympic gold medalist “accidentally” murders girlfriend

by MEGAN ROMANCZUK Section Editor

Oscar Pistorius, a 27-year-old South African double amputee that won gold at the London 2012 Paralympic games, could face a lifetime in jail if found guilty of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkramp.

Pistorius shot his model girlfriend Steenkramp on February 14, 2013 after claiming she was an intruder.

Pistorius woke up in the middle of the night when he heard noises coming from inside of the bathroom. He immediately thought it was an intruder and shot through the door four times.

After realizing that her side of the bed was clear, he then rushed to put on his prosthetic legs and entered the crime scene.

“How did he not realize that her side of the bed was empty? Also, if there was an intruder in his house, they would of [sic] escaped the premises, not hide in the bathroom to get caught or in this case murdered,” says senior Patrick San Andres.

Three of the bullets hit her, shattering her right elbow and hip bones.

Officials searched the house for more evidence and came across a bloody cricket bat.

Police have come up with three theories so far: Pistorius assaulted his girlfriend, Steenkamp used the bat for self-defense, or Pistorius used the bat to break down the door.

The defense lawyer explained during the trial that the damaging injuries on Steenkamp’s head would not allow her to make a sound after the blow.

During the trial, Pistorius was asked if he called for medical help, and he answered that he did. However, the court later discovered that security guards in his complex called first to see if he was in trouble. He answered the phone saying he was fine, then quickly hung up.

When the ambulance arrived, towels were already stained red from the bloody scene.

Officials asked neighbors what they thought occurred at the house that would lead to gun shots being fired. One neighbor thought the couple was having a heated argument where both parties were screaming at each other.

This is not the first time the athlete has been caught up in gun violence. Weeks before he shot his girlfriend, Pistorius met up with another Paralympic athlete, Kevin Lerena.

Pistorius accidentally shot Lerena in the foot in a crowded restaurant, but tried to put the blame on his friend because of his already bad reputation.

In 2012, he was caught once again shooting a gun out of a sunroof. Pistorius was not charged in either case.

“It is crazy that he has yet to get in trouble for misusing guns, but I hope this time it is different and Steenkamp will get justice,” says senior Patrick McCabe.

So far there is no evidence proving that he organized her death, as well as no witnesses to prove the allegation.

Pistorius held a memorial service for his girlfriend so family and friends could cope with the loss.

As of now, Pistorius is free on bail, but charged with murder and possession of ammunition.

If he is found guilty with murdering his girlfriend, he will be charged with premeditated murder with no parole for at least 25 years. He could still possibly earn the charge of culpable homicide, which is still a decade in jail.

What do you think of the Pistorius case?

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