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Panic! at the Disco: The Gospel Tour

by SASHA RISKO Staff Writer

Panic! at the Disco, a pop rock band that has been making hits since the 2000’s, announced earlier this year that they are going on another tour, The Gospel Tour, starting July 18.

The tour starts in Magna, UT and ends in San Jose, CA on August 28.

Special guests Walk the Moon will be performing with Panic! at every show while Youngblood Hawke and Magic Man will only be performing with them on certain dates. Presales for the tour started on February 28.

The band announced the tour after releasing their newest single, “This Is Gospel”, which already has more than 10 million views on YouTube.

The group’s fourth album, “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die” was number 2 on the Billboard 200 Chart in October.

Reviews of the tour have been amazing: “The Marquee was transformed into a rock church during ‘This Is Gospel,’ as stained-glass lit the stage. The audience faithfully followed Urie, who commanded the room as if it were his church,” says The Phoenix Times.

The original members of the band- Ryan Ross, Brent Wilson, Spencer Smith, and Brendon Urie – were initially just a Blink-182 cover band when they first started out in 2004.

Later, in 2009 once Ross and Wilson left, Dallon Weekes joined the band to play bass, and was an official member of the band by 2010.

Smith is the percussionist, Urie is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and pianist, and Weekes is the bass guitarist and back up vocalist.

Although there are a number of different genres into which people can place Panic! at the Disco, such as alternative-rock, emo, and pop-punk, the most common one that fits them best would be pop-rock.

The band started their music out having a bit of the Beach Boys and the Beatles’ sounds mixed together, and as the band grew older and the music around them changed, their sound changed to more of a classic rock feel.

“Panic! at the Disco has always been a favorite of mine because they’ve had hits ever since I was in elementary school,” said freshman Nicholas Lombard. “‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ is a classic that everyone knows, and loves and that is what is so cool about the band – they have timeless music that all generations love.”

I personally love Panic! at the Disco. Pandora’s Summer Hits of the 2000s station plays them all the time, and their music is just something that never gets old.

Panic! has a certain sound to them that I feel like no one can really recreate, making them truly original. My personal favorites are “Build God and Then We’ll Talk”, “Nine in the Afternoon”, and of course “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”. These are songs that almost everyone knows, and make for a really good karaoke night.

“I am so excited for the tour this summer, it is not even funny. I have always loved Panic! and their music is just phenomenal,” said freshman Caitlyn Angley. “I am going with my friend Drew and we are both just psyched.”

Do you plan on going to the This Is Gospel tour this summer?

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