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Owl City: The Midsummer Station

by ANDREA FRENCH Section Editor

   Popular music group Owl City released their sixth album “The Midsummer Station” on August 21, 2012. This album has become a huge success, with much of that success going to popular pop artist Carly Rae Jepsen, famous for her hit single “Call Me Maybe”.

   Jepsen and Owl City released the single “Good Time”. It has been on the top 20 songs chart on iTunes since it was released in June. Owl City refers to hit single “Good Time” as “an undeniable summer anthem.”

   “I am so happy that Carly Rae Jepsen is featured on the album! I love her and everyone loves her single ‘Call Me Maybe’. ‘Good Time’ was an instant hit, and I will always love that song,” says sophomore Amanda Campanaro.

   Adam Young, one of the main singers in Owl City, said, “Over the past several years I’d become fascinated with trying to capture magic in a jar through simple, concise pop songs. I saw it as a great challenge to try to come up with catchy, unique and memorable songs because it as a new method of songwriting I’d never approached before.”

   “The Midsummer Station” is a collaboration of every kind of song popular to today’s listeners. Some songs on the album, such as “Dreams and Disasters”, “Shooting Star”, and “I’m Coming After You” are rapturous songs that are soon to be playing in every home and dance studio. They demonstrate the kind of dance music that has become so popular for today’s generation.

   “I have not been a fan of Owl City until this album came out. I always used to think their music was kind of strange until this album. I really love it and I can’t wait to hear more of what they can do,” says sophomore Catarina Santo.

   Also featured on the album is the more punk rock side of Owl City. Songs such as “Dementia” and “Embers” demonstrate this side of the band.

   “The Midsummer Station” contains 14 songs, and as of August 21, the album is available on iTunes for $9.99.

   Owl City really did not become popular until they released their single “Fireflies” in July of 2009, which became the number one smash hit in 24 countries. It sold more than 12 million downloads worldwide.

   Young was discovered by posting radio music on MySpace and YouTube. The New York Times calls his career “a textbook illustration of how the music business needs new and old forms of media to make an artist a stay.”

   Owl City will be touring North America this fall. Check out the tour dates on their official website

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