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One Direction perform for the last time

Coming full circle, One Direction performed for the last time before their hiatus on the stage where it all began. The band performed emotional renditions of their songs “History” and “Infinity” at the finale of “The XFactor UK” on Sunday, December 13.

One Direction had a rough year, losing former band member Zayn Malik in March. The now four piece, consisting of Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, plan to take an 18 month hiatus after their five years of touring and albums.

The band had an emotional roller coaster of a year in 2015 with Tomlinson’s potential paternity scandal and various girlfriend rumors between the four boys.

The band proved strong, releasing their fifth album, which skyrocketed to number one on the iTunes charts and quickly became a fan favorite.

“This is my favorite album so far. I am so proud of One Directuon and how far they have come in just five years,” says sophomore Julianna Farina.

Unfortunately for the fans, the album will not be followed with a tour in 2016, and the live performances of songs will be limited to appearances on talk shows and radios.

The last few months of the year were packed with appearances on talk shows and radios including “The Ellen Show,” “The Late Late Show,” “Chatty Man,” BBC radio and more.

The band came together one last time to perform on the show that launched their career back in 2010: “The XFactor UK.”

After performing “Infinity” and their next single “History,” the band was met with an emotional goodbye video from Simon Cowell and other celebrities.

The goodbye video featured friends and fans of the band, including Little Mix, James Corden, David Beckham, Robbie Williams, Danny DeVito, and more.

One Direction took to Facebook and Twitter after their performance to thank their fans and give their own goodbye.

The video was 30 short seconds of emotion as the band thanked the fans for their continuous support over the past five years. Simultaneously, the fans trended #ThisisnottheendofOneDirection on Twitter.

“This is just a massive, massive thank you to all of our fans,” Payne said, thanking the fans. “Obviously you guys made all of this happen for us, and we can’t believe the way that you’ve supported us over the last five years. Today’s a very special day for us because this is like the last part of our first chapter.”

“We cannot believe you guys, you’re amazing–the most dedicated people I think we’ve ever seen in our lives. So thank you for enjoying us over the years, and I hope there’s many more years to come,” Payne said.

The band was emotional performing for the last time, and it was clear they gave 110 percent on stage.

At the end of their performance, the boys grabbed each other in a hug that lasted off stage. It was clearly an emotional night for everyone.

One Direction took to Twitter after their performance to announce they are changing their next single to “History” after the positive reaction from the fans.

The band also used Twitter to thank the fans for their support through the years and give personal goodbyes, but promising to be back soon.

For the next 18 months, the band is scheduled to do major relaxing, as well as write with other artists. Although fans will be without the world’s biggest boyband, the hiatus is well deserved.

“I am sad that they will be taking a break, but they deserve it, and I am excited to see what comes next,” says sophomore Amanda Bruce.

As the amazing first chapter has come to an end, we are incredibly excited and hopeful for chapter two.

How do you feel about One Direction taking a break?

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