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Not enough for Jingleball


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The New Royalty, a local indie pop band, competed in the Z100’s Hometown Hero to play at Jingleball 2011.  Although they made it to the top five this year, The New Royalty did not have quite enough votes to be victorious.

The New Royalty also competed last year and made it to the top three, but did not win.“It was very surprising that we got in a second time,” bass guitarist Kyle Davis, 18, of Millstone Township, said. “They still believe in us, they still like our music.”

The New Royalty competed against Ali Brustofski of Oakland, Gia Bella of New York City, Lexi Lawson of the Bronx, and Matthew Relevo of New York City.

Former student at MTHS, Trevor Smith, formed the band in 2008 at a music school with Davis, Nick Lafelice, Bree Lafelice, and Ricky Joyce.

“They’ve got their act together so much that the sound they have is professional,” said Paul Sallee, owner and teacher at Music University in Freehold.

The New Royalty has performed at many popular places such as The Starland Ballroom and Stony Pony. Also, they made an appearance at the 2010 and 2011 Warped Tour, 2011 Bamboozle, and opened up for Big Time Rush.

“Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping us in our Z100 contest. Win or lose, the best part of this contest was getting to talk to all of you and seeing the love and support from everyone! Thank you all so much,” says The New Royalty.

Although The New Royalty did not win this competition, they met many more of their fans and the fact that they made it again on the top five was extraordinary. Their loss is not going to stop them from being a band anymore.

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