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North Korea backs out of deal

by ANMOL MADAAN Staff Writer

North Korea declared on Tuesday, April 17,  that it was no longer part of a deal with the United States to suspend uranium enrichment, nuclear tests, and long-range missile tests in exchange for food aid. The government halted food aid after Pyongyang’s failed rocket launch two weeks ago. Due to this action, the North Korean Foreign Ministry said, “We have thus become able to take necessary retaliatory measures.” This statement was a response to the United Nations Security Council after it punished North Korea for its rocket launch and ordered additional sanctions against the country. These missiles are being launched not for attacking purposes, but to try and launch rockets that would place satellites into orbit. North Korea did not specify what retaliation it would take; however, there is a fear that Pyongyang will launch a third nuclear test. “We had a fair and even deal with Korea. We wanted safety, so we helped with food aid, a big problem, in Korea. I don’t see why they had to go and try to send another long distance rocket across the sea,” said freshman Greg Puc’. North Korea argued that Washington was the first to back out of the February deal by suspending the promised food aid and pressing the Security Council to condemn the rocket launching. China has supported Korea in their process of backing out of this deal. “China is willing to work with relevant parties to continue to push forward the six-party talks process, and play a constructive role to realize long-term peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and northeast Asia,” said foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei. Many people had strong feelings about the Asian Alliance between the two. There is a risk that the nuclear weapons could fail and crash into the United States. This has the potential to wipe out the eastern coast of North America. Although this is not likely, it is possible. “Kim Jong-II [Korea’s former ruler] would not have done this. This young leader, Jong-Un [son of Jong-II] is inexperienced and is making a wrong decision…The risk of destroying our country should not even be taken, no matter the chance,” said freshman J.T. Allan. About two weeks ago, North Korea rejected the Security Council sanction resolutions as “brigandish” and meant to stop countries from defending themselves. “Justice should be protected by one’s own efforts,” the ministry statement said.

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