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No need for another Clinton in the White House

Hillary Clinton announced that she will be running for president in 2016 through a short video released on Sunday, April 12. She is now beginning to plan her campaign while controversy arises about whether or not she is fit to serve as president.

Even with her experience in the White House, thanks to her husband’s presidency and her many other roles in DC, I do not think she is fit for presidency. Those that will vote against her have plenty of reasons as well.

Clinton has a history of lies and scandals. Her supposed truths have ranged from little white lies about where she got her name to more serious problems like falling under sniper fire in Bosnia in 2008.

On top of simple lies, it is believed that she wrote a fraudulent legal brief to keep President Richard Nixon in office. She did this and more so that Ted Kennedy could try for the presidency in 1976.

Who would want a liar in office?

Lies can lead to scandals, and scandals are something that Clinton knows a lot about as  Mrs. Clinton has been involved in many during her time in the White House.

“She’s been involved in way too many, I do not trust her to lead the country,” freshman Breanna Craporatta says.

Her presence was clear in the Travelgate scandal, where it is rumored that the Clintons fired White House staff and offered jobs to their friends. Her husband was cleared of what had happened, but Mrs. Clinton was the center of attention.

Another problem she was involved in was the Filegate scandal. Allegedly, she had asked for and read top secret files for “political purposes”.

The most recent scandal happened only two years ago. Clinton had used her personal email to discuss federal business, and also stated that her private email was used for convenience.

We do not need any more scandals going on without public knowledge, but Clinton will be sure to get involved.

“I think she has too much baggage, too many scandals and has been involved in major politics and the running of America for way too long,” says Craporatta.

On top of her bad reputation for things she has done, Clinton is no longer as young as she used to be. At 67 years old, she has had a full life. Many voters wonder if she is still fit to do the job.

Clinton has served in a number of different positions throughout her life. She has been in Washington DC, influencing decisions and coming up with ideas for an extremely long time. With Democrats holding the spot for president the past two terms, it is time for a change in the White House, and Clinton is not it.

On top of the serious need for change, Clinton has done nothing overly beneficial for the country. She has spent such a large amount of time in the White House that she would have been able to do something, but she has not.

“She hasn’t done anything useful for America. She’s really just a name,” says freshman Jackie Durante.

Unfortunately, many will vote for her solely because she is a woman, without looking at what would make her a good candidate. A woman in the White House is sure to happen and definitely should, but there are many more qualified women in the United States that are able to run our country.

What do you think will happen if Hillary Clinton becomes president?

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