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Nina Nesbitt’s rise to fame

by MEGAN ROMANCZUK Section Editor

Nina Nesbitt is a 19-year-old pop sensation and is currently touring the United Kingdom with Ed Sheeran.

She began her career by starting a YouTube channel, which gained over 20 million views as well as over 145,000 Twitter followers.

Nesbitt released her fifth EP on April 1, two months after she debuted her album “Peroxide” in February of 2014.

On the album, she wanted to have a mix of unheard songs that fans will learn to love, but also have old songs for new listeners.

Nesbitt was lucky enough to produce the album with Jake Gosling, who is a multi-platinum selling music producer and song writer. Gosling once worked with Paloma Faith, Ed Sheeran and One Direction.

She also got the chance to produce with Iain Archer, a singer/songwriter from Ireland, who has worked with Snow Patrol along with Jake Bugg.

To promote the new album, Nesbitt announced a tour that only included three popular cities: Manchester, London and her hometown Edinburgh.

“Peroxide” reached the number one spot the first week it came out until it dropped to number 11 a week later. However, her album stayed at number one on the Scottish album chart.

“The song I enjoyed the most was ‘Mr.C’ because it reminded me of a song I would blast in my car in the summer time after a long day at the beach,” says junior Nicole Cohen.

The first single off her new album is called “Selfies,” which is her second single to make the top 40 United Kingdom singles chart.

The song is repetitive and is primarily about getting a boy’s attention by uploading the best pictures of herself.

“Stay Out” is another well-known song that is relatable to all teens, especially those who are trying to find themselves.

A lyric that stands out to me the most is, “Cause there’s people falling in love around you, and there’s people falling over their own shoe.” She is trying to get the point across that people of all genders should not change who they are, and to embrace where they come from because no matter what, there is someone out there who loves you.

It is not a relatable album if there is not one song that is about a break-up or about getting back at a boy that broke your heart.

“The Hardest Part” is one of those songs with depressing background music along with depressing lyrics.

While the song is quite typical for a teenage girl to write, it does have relatable points that come out maturely without begging for attention.

“I enjoy songs that allow the singer to share their personal story, but also have lyrics that can help anyone,” says senior Annmarie Rapisardi.

What I like most about Nesbitt is that although she is young, she does have a way with words that show an adult outlook on life. Even with her adult mind, she is not scared to break out into the teenager that she is by talking about heartbreak, going out with friends, or taking selfies.

Her album is filled with songs that range from mainstream pop with catchy lyrics to slower songs that all ages can enjoy.

By the success she has had so early in her career, there is no doubt that she will become a big breakout star in a few years.

Sooner or later, Nesbitt will be the talk of the town and tweens will pay hundreds to see her at a sold-out show.

Are you going to try to give Nesbitt’s new album a listen?

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