New York gets electric

by HALEY MILLAN Editor-in-chief

The trains were full of neon and daisies on May 24 and 25 as the Electric Daisy Carnival New York hit the east coast at the MetLife Stadium. The festival opened at 12 in the afternoon and lasted until 11 o’clock at night.

About 100,000 people attended the festival over the two day period. Fortunately, not a single life was lost during EDC NY. This is always a concern at the festival, as drugs are able to be snuck inside the venue.

“I know people were really concerned about buying tickets for the second day because in past festivals, the second date was cancelled because of deaths or too many hospitalizations during the first day. It’s good that everyone stayed safe for themselves and didn’t ruin it for anyone else,” says senior Bryanna Rutzler.

To help everyone stay safe, water stations were set up where people could come refill their water bottles at any point, for free.

This was my first EDC experience, and this was EDC NY’s biggest year with over 40 of the biggest DJs in electric dance music.

The main stage, called Kinetic Field, held the major EDM artists like Marvin Garrix, Krewella and Hardwell. The main stage was decked out, presenting a large owl with digital eyes that moved to the beats.

The next stage over was Neon Garden where the tech-house and deep house music was found with artists like Dusky, MK, and Carl Cox. This stage was set under a tent, which was packed while many people looked for shelter during the intense rain storm.

The third stage over was Circuit Grounds, which had more big name artists like Calvin Harris, Afrojack, and Cash Cash. This stage was set up like Kinetic Field except a lot less extravagant.

Cosmic Meadow hosted by HARD was the final stage, located inside of the stadium. Bass music was found here, including artists such as Bassnectar, Nero and DJ Snake.

The different stages allowed for smoother set lists where genres did not clash. Also, the stages were set far enough apart from each other so the music did not interfere.

The experience traveled further than just music, as the entire parking lot was filled with carnival rides. Giant daisies were set up, giving girls good backdrops for pictures.

Senior Danielle Pochopin says, “I regret not buying tickets for the second day. I had so much fun between the rides and the DJs. It was better than I expected.”

The festival was put to a stop around four o’clock for 30 minutes when a rain storm passed through. The attendees were told to go inside of the stadium because there was a flash flood warning in the area.

At first, the dancing in the rain sounded like a fun idea to everyone. We continued to dance, allowing ourselves to get drenched in the rain. When we were forced to go inside of the stadium, the party did not stop. People continued to yell out lyrics and keep the positive vibes coming.

When we got out of the stadium, we realized that our previous idea was not smart, as we froze under no sun. However, everyone sucked it up and continued to have fun.

The night ended with lots of lights and fireworks. The festival turned out to be much more than I had ever imagined.

Are you planning on going to EDC in the future?

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