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New York Bison Grill hidden from view, but leaves lasting impressions on visitors

Less than a block from Radio City Music Hall in New York City lies Ted’s Montana Grill, a semi-famous bison restaurant I visited with my family on Wednesday, December 21, 2016.

Ted’s Montana Grill is tucked away at 110 West 51st Street, offering premium steak and, most famously, bison. Featured bison entrées include bison burgers, called the No. 11 burger, and Bison Short Ribs. There are also 44 other locations across 15 states.

A passerby would likely not notice the restaurant unless he or she was looking for it since there is a construction project on the building above. A metal overhang blocks the restaurant from view on the street.

The chain was started in 2002 by Ted Turner and George McKerrow Jr., former CEO of LongHorn Steakhouse. The first restaurant opened in Columbus, Ohio. Founder Turner wanted to bring to life the Big Sky Country theme indigenous to the Great Plains, the natural habitat of wild bison.

Dinner prices range between Ted’s Filet with bison at $36 and the House-Made Veggie Burger at $13.

Freshman Tyler Jadwinski says, “The restaurant seems . . . expensive, but for good quality.”

My family and I walked from 33rd Street to 51st Street. When we arrived, the hostess seated us almost immediately.

Behind me was a huge buffalo head, mounted high up on the wall. We ordered one of the most popular appetizers, Bison Nachos, which had bison chili, cheese, and bacon. Only a few minutes passed before we had eaten all the nachos.

We ordered entrées, which came quicker than I would expect, steaming and smelling delicious. I tried my sister’s bison short ribs, which were very tasty, but my steak frites and parmesan fries were fantastic. My sisters and I tasted each others meals to try and decide which was best, but we could not come to a conclusion.

Because of good reviews and the fact that it was a thriving restaurant in the Arena district of Manhattan, I had high expectations regarding dinner. I was very satisfied, and the food exceeded my expectations.

Sophomore Abigail Aerts says, “I’d expect to have a pleasant experience. The menu looks like it’s got a pretty good variety.”

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal, and the service and food also impressed all of us.

By the end of dinner, only three people had finished their meals because they were so large, and the food was hearty and filling. My oldest sister and mother had soup before dinner, so they had the most food leftover. We put the rest in take-home boxes before we left.

This restaurant offers Big Sky Culture from far west of New York City, allowing tourists and residents a change of experience from the typical urban-style food.

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