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New Year, New Me!

People celebrate New Year's Eve in major cities across the globe such as New York. (Photo credit to Secret NYC)

Some people believe New Year's is full of pressure, preferring to skip the tradition altogether. However, the majority of people believe that it is a day for new beginnings and promises. The new year is a time for joy, self reflection, and a great opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. The idea of a fresh start or a “blank canvas” with unlimited opportunities is extremely enticing to many people. Using this holiday to get rid of the bad and bring in the new is what makes the day so special.

The New Year’s celebration itself tends to develop traditions over time. For example, some people wear a certain color for luck, while others crouch under a table when the sparkly ball drops in hopes of finding love in the new year. These memorable traditions contribute to the hype around New Year’s, a great way to close out the previous year and bring in the new one.

The slogan “new year new me” is often thrown around during this time. However, society’s slogan of “new year new me” is stressful and unhealthy for some people to cope with. Falling into the conformity of having to become a different person can be harmful from a physical and psychological standpoint. By not following through with your goals, it is easy to feel discouraged and perhaps disappointed in yourself. In order to avoid this feeling, it is important to set attainable and realistic goals that will allow you to have a happy and healthy new year. I wish you all the best in 2023! Happy New Year!

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