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New Jersey teen suing parents for financial suport

by MEGAN ROMANCZUK Section Editor

Rachel Canning is an 18-year old New Jersey native who attempted to sue her parents for child support and college tuition.

On February 24, Canning filed a lawsuit against her parents, which states that she was financially cut off on her 18th birthday in the fall.

She then ran away because her “strict” parents would yell at her for not doing chores, breaking curfew, and getting involved with a boy of whom the parents did not approve.

Canning also claims that her mother would call her rude names, which spiraled into an eating disorder during her sophomore year of high school. She also said that her father would get drunk and inappropriately kiss her cheek.

Since her parents already started to pay the tuition for her private school, it does not count against her if the payment is not paid in full.

Canning was not homeless; however, she ended up staying at a close friend’s house whose father is an attorney that is helping her pay off her legal fees.

Morris County Court Judge Peter Bogaard denied her request of receiving $653 weekly in child support.

The judge did require that her parents need to keep her on their health insurance and be up-to-date with her college account.

“I don’t understand why she is suing her parents when she is the one that refused to live by their rules and refused to break up with her boyfriend, so it is her fault that her parents cut her off,” says senior Caitlin Gonchar

A case similar to this is the Bradbury v. Johnson case when another 18-year old sued her divorced parents for college education. The case was later dismissed, but then brought back, favoring the daughter.

Recently, the teen agreed to move back in with her parents after being pressured by media drop the lawsuit against her parents.

“It is so dumb that she would go through all that trouble to sue her parents to receive financial support, but she is now trying to close the case that is already costing so much money,” says senior Jeena Patel

What is your opinion on the Canning trial?

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