Nepal overwhelmed by second earthquake

Just when you thought it could not get any worse for Nepal, they were hit by a second earthquake on May 12, 2015.

The 7.3-magnitude earthquake happened just within three weeks of an even larger tremor on April 25 that had killed 8,000 people and destroyed 500,000 homes. Both earthquakes have affected millions of people all over the country.

At least 76 more people have been killed and 1,968 injured by the second earthquake. Dozens of people are being rescued alive from the rubble, according to officials. Another 17 people have been reported dead in India, and one person in China.

Nepal’s government, already overwhelmed by the first earthquake, rushed to provide aid to the remote mountainous parts of Nepal.

Nepal’s Prime Minister’s Spokesman Uttar Kumar Khatri said, “Our operations right now are all focused on disaster management. We are now trying to see where everyone can be accommodated into buildings that are safe.”

This second tremor brought down already damaged buildings. Entire houses and villages have turned into rubble.

Freshman Jasmin Shah said, “I can’t believe how the families of Nepal are acting so strong after being hit with two major earthquakes. They are acting very courageously.”

The epicenter of the second earthquake was in a rugged area of the district of Dolakha, east of the capital, Kathmandu.

Tuesday’s quake struck at the same depth as the April tremor, but was significantly weaker and was centered 85 miles to the east.

Sindupalchowk, an unfortunate district that had suffered the highest amount of casualties, saw lots of new landslides. Many already damaged houses crashed down the ground.

In Dolakha, situations are not any better as April’s quake brought down 1,400 houses. After Tuesday’s tremor flattened most of the rest, only 5 percent of houses are habitable.

Apart from the damage in Nepal, one U.S. Military chopper had also gone missing. The helicopter was on an aid mission in Dolakha near Tibet when it lost contact after its crew was talking about fuel problems.

The Huey had a satellite location device, a radio, and an emergency beacon. It could have come down in a “deadzone” for radio signals, which are pretty common in the mountainous Nepal area.

The chopper was finally found on Friday, May 22, 2015 after an intense search made up of US, Indian, and Nepali military choppers and a force of 400 Nepali soldiers.

Freshman Ananth Uchila said, “It’s good that they found the chopper. We don’t need any more open-ended disasters.”

Six U.S. Marines died in the helicopter crash.

Captain Dustin R. Lukasiewicz of Nebraska, Captain Christopher L. Norgren of Kansas, Seargant Ward M. Johnson IV of Florida, Seargant Eric M. Seaman of California, Cpl. Sara A. Medina of Illinois and Lance Corporal Jacon A. Hug of Arizona were all found dead when their UH-1Y Huey helicopter crashed in Charikot, Nepal.

Two other Nepalese service members, Tapendra Rawal and Basanta Titara, also died in the crash. All eight of their bodies were recovered, but were not recognizable.

How are you helping efforts in Nepal? Refer to the article “Nepal earthquake devastates thousands” for ways to help services in Nepal.

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