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Missing for 33 years

by ANDREA FRENCH Staff Writer

Etan Patz, a 6-year-old living in New York, walked to his local bus stop for the first time in 1979, and never returned. There were many theories about what happened, but never anything confirmed. Patz set off to walk two blocks to his school bus stop for the very first time on May 25, 1979. He was the first child to ever be put on a milk carton. Patz became an iconic figure that became known all around the country. Shortly after he went missing, Amber alerts were issued and his face was all over interstate databases and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Police never officially closed the case, and new evidence was recently found. Investigators are continuing to dig in basements of apartment buildings on the surrounding blocks of Patz’s house. “I think that it is good that the police are still trying to find Etan. Society has become so involved and interested in this case, and we all want closure. We all want to know what happened to the first child to ever be on the face of a milk carton,” says an anonymous source. Stan Patz, Etan’s father, will never give up his investigation for his son. He just wants to find answers. The parents of Patz, Stan and Julie Patz, have lived in the same apartment in New York, waiting for their son. As the case progressed throughout these last 33 years, there have been many theories as to who could have taken Patz. Etan’s parents were the first to be questioned, along with all of their neighbors, Etan’s schoolteachers, friends, relatives, and more. Essentially, anyone who was associated with Patz was questioned. This investigation for Etan Patz will continue until there is some closure. “I am still waiting to hear what happened to that poor innocent boy. I believe that his parents are staying in that house with the hope that one day he will return. Until that day, we will all be anxiously waiting,” says an anonymous source.

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