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Local breakfast places that are worth waking up for

Breakfast is often cited as the most important meal of the day, so it might as well be spent at the most tasty restaurants around Monroe Township, New Jersey. Following is a list of five must-visit breakfast places.

5. Food is good, but the right restaurant can make food great. Somewhere to check out is Turning Point in Manalapan, roughly 10.2 miles from Monroe Township High School. Turning Point serves a flavorful breakfast with a wide variety of meal options.

Freshman Caroline Guerin said, “I love Turning Point. I could eat the Berry Pancakes for every meal. The fruit is just so fresh.”

Turning Point offers specialty drinks and always-fresh-tasting fruits and veggies like avocado, strawberries, and more. The fluffy pancakes and over-flowing skillets are served by attentive waiters and waitresses in an inviting—but-crowded scenery.

4. Another breakfast place on the list is Comfi in Old Bridge. The French-American restaurant is about 12 miles from MTHS, and the restaurant offers many healthy alternatives, but most importantly has super sugary and sweet meals.

Freshman Nyla McCloskey said, “The s’mores pancakes are actually heaven…. Totally the best breakfast ever.”

Comfi is most known for their creative dishes. They offer sugary sweets like Nutella, chocolate syrup, powdered sugar, crepes, a sweet batter, and more. Once the heavenly crepes or crispy waffles enter your mouth, there is no stopping the bursts of flavor. The small setting has a homey atmosphere that is as comfortable as a bathrobe and slippers.

3. The Jamesburg Diner is the place to be for an affordable meal with great food. The short two mile drive makes the diner an ideal location for a Sunday morning.

“Everyone is really nice and the portions are bigger than me. From one order I have enough food for two whole meals, and I eat a lot,” said freshman Lucas Zargo.

This local diner leaves no part of the plate uncovered in delicious food. Omelets stretch so long, wide, and thick, and the other half of the plate is engulfed in home fries.

2. This would not be a breakfast list without the International House of Pancakes. IHOP is 9.2 miles from MTHS in East Brunswick.

The final destination for scrumptious pancakes rest at IHOP. The sit-down restaurant offers every pancake combination and topping possible. While we are told we should not play with our food, the multiple colorful syrups and pancake-art make it hard to resist forming your own face from your pancakes.

1. To top off our list, another breakfast stop is Bagel Bazaar, a short 2.4 miles from MTHS. The bagels, cold cuts, snacks, and drinks are plentiful throughout the entire restaurant. One could easily call ahead and pick up a breakfast sandwich and coffee, or order it at the counter and sit down with the meal.

“Bagel Bazaar has the best service and quality food that I have ever had. It is so quick and easy, yet it is still delicious and filling,” says freshman Ethan Henley.

Bagel Bazaar is less formal than all of the other restaurants on the list, but offers a quick-yet-tasty alternative for breakfast. On a quick run to school or work, Bagel Bazaar provides a great meal.

Which restaurants have you been to? What is your favorite local breakfast place?

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