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Lingerie for the kids


The sight of sexy lingerie fashion shows using bright colors and popular music to attract younger girls is becoming sickening.

Fashion shows sponsored by Victoria’s Secret play Justin Bieber music while young, twig-thin models walk down the runway in lingerie too mature for them to wear.

Brands are now daring to sell their lingerie to girls as young as 12. The lingerie is provocative with lace and words written on the back of the underwear. Push-up bras and bathing suit tops with extra padding for a bigger look are also being sold, as well as make-up for younger girls.

Freshmen Annie says,” At a young age like that, they don’t need to wear anything crazy under their clothes because no one should be seeing it.”

Girls at that age should not need to wear provocative undergarments. Of course, they will eventually need to wear bras; however, they need to pick what is appropriate for them.

An anonymous male freshman says, “I do not think it is acceptable for younger girls to wear that type of lingerie because these types of lingerie are made for older women. If young girls wear these types of lingerie, then the girls will think they are old enough for sexual activity. Also, this may influence younger girls, like six or seven year old girls, to wear these types of lingerie. Not only is it degrading their dignity, but it is degrading society.”

As girls and boys growing up with the expectation of what a beautiful or handsome person is in society, the main issue is body image.

Models are one of the images of beautiful people. Children see attractive models in lingerie and will want to wear it as well.

The male student says, “That image has and still will impact their lives because they will want to look like all the models (who society considers beautiful), but the models have a very unhealthy figure and they reveal a lot of their body. The younger girls will want to do that too.”

Lingerie is used for the sexy look. Having young girls wear this is sexualizing children, which is unacceptable.

Teaching the girls that it is okay to show off their body and dress like this is inappropriate. It should be stopped while they are young.

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