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Liar liar pants on fire

Donald Trump’s factually challenged presidential campaign has everybody pulling their hair out. Trump has insisted on obtaining a mentality of “If I say it enough, then it’s true” that has political fact checkers crying for mercy.

Most of Trump’s so-called facts have been deemed a “Pants on fire” falsehood.

Trump’s campaign is full of false facts funnier than this gif:


Most recently in his campaign, Trump has claimed that “thousands and thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey were “cheering as that building [the World Trade Center] was coming down” on September 11, 2001.

Not surprisingly, the claim was quickly rebutted by local elected officials, including Republicans and members of law enforcement. Furthermore, there is no video footage of cheering crowds that can be located.

“I have a very good memory, Chuck,” Trump told NBC’s Chuck Todd as if to prove himself. “I’ll tell you, I have a very good memory. I saw it somewhere on television many years ago, and I never forgot it–it was on my television, too.”

Now, if putting all of your trust in Trump’s claim is not for you, let his campaign manager change your mind. Corey Lewandowsky gave an equally credible defense, claiming the media has conspired to hide the footage, almost like an SNL sketch come to life.

Still, fact checkers found no evidence of this claim, and this is not the first time political fact checkers could not find anything at all to back up a claim made by Trump.

Another baseless claim made by Trump was made on “Meet the Press” where Trump claimed that President Barack Obama wants to bring in 200,000 Syrian refugees to America.

The number was completely made up by Trump as Obama has said numerous times that he only plans on bringing in 10,000 refugees.

In Trump’s defense, the numbers are very close to each other. I mean, they are only off by about 190,000 refugees, give or take, and when you have money coming out of your pores, math is not always a strong suit when it comes to small numbers like tens of thousands. And it’s not like you have to be good at math or exact to be President or anything, right?

Trump followed with another false claim about Syrian refugees saying they are only men, a claimed that was deemed false by

“I feel like Donald Trump just got lucky with being rich. His personality deserves for him to be thrown in a trash can,” says sophomore Becca Martin.

The list of lies continues with Trump’s assertion that the Obama administration is pushing Syrian refugees to states with Republican governors.

Trump has also claimed that the Trans-Pacific partnership was “designed for China to come in, as they always do, through the back door and totally take advantage of everyone.”

Trump has started an epidemic of ignorance among his followers as they decide to believe Trump over political fact checkers.

I, for one, have trouble believing someone who needed to have someone literally tug on his hair to prove to the public it was real. I also have trouble believing someone who keeps hair like that instead of burning all images of it and moving to a remote island. Speaking of remote islands, Trump reminds me a lot of Roger from “Lord of the Flies.”

Trump has been compared numerous times to “Drunk History” where people make up facts surrounding historical events for laughs.

“Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between Trump’s campaign or my family drunk at Thanksgiving dinner,” says an anonymous sophomore.

The funny (or scary, I cannot tell) is that American citizens are going along with Trump’s rendition of history.

Despite the fact that Trump’s facts only support that Trump basically lives in another universe, 33 percent of Americans still consider Trump “honest and trustworthy.”

It was eye-opening to see how many people are pro-Trump, and I think it can be used as proof that we need a better educational system in the U.S.

Trump has also been called the living embodiment of Stephen Colbert’s idea of “truthiness,” which is defined as “the quality of stating concepts one wished or believes to be true, rather than the facts.”

If he wins the presidency, we can change George Washington’s “I cannot tell a lie” to “If I repeat it enough, it cannot be a lie.”

Trump cannot even be trusted with his height. Media outlets have reported on numerous occasions that Trump stands at six foot two inches where Trump insists he is six foot three inches.

Along with his outrageous lies, Trump has awful ideas. He believes that all mosques in the U.S. should be shut down, and that Muslims should be required to wear special identification. Trump’s ideas are not even original; they remind me a lot of a world leader in the 1930s…

Not to mention one of the worst ideas he had was to make fun of a disabled reported and then insist the reporter apologize to him. Trump followed this by saying he did not know about the disability, even though he worked on a first name basis with said reporter.

In the end, we can all agree Trump is full of false claims and just loves to hear himself talk.

If his false claims are not enough to bring you to the factual and smart (BERNIE SANDERS) side, just ask yourself if you want your country to be run by a President who has his own board game?

trump 3

Can we honestly trust Trump to lead our country?

(please enjoy this ultimate remix of Donald Trump)

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