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Lena Dunham’s new book causes controversy

by AMY LASSITER Section Editor

Actress and comedian Lena Dunham has recently been accused of sexual abuse due to several passages in her book “Not That Kind of Girl”.

Dunham, who is well known for her work on the HBO series “Girls”, joked about some particularly disturbing stories from her childhood, all of which involved her younger sister Grace.

Within her book, Dunham describes using her little sister as a sexual outlet. Not only did she claim to bribe her sister to kiss her, she also stated that after coaxing her sister to sleep in the same bed, Dunham would engage in sexual acts, forcing her sister to watch.

Another passage talks about Dunham literally looking inside of her infant sister’s body, purely out of “innocent curiosity.”

None of these stories were confessions to her horrible acts, but rather they were used to show Dunham’s “quirkiness” and meant for the reader to laugh at. When controversy broke out about her book, Dunham stated that the claims of her molestation were false, despite the fact that she wrote the words that news outlets were reporting on.

A direct line from the book states, “Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.”

As a self-proclaimed feminist icon, Dunham clearly is not sending the correct message to her female fans.

“As someone who used to admire Dunham’s comedy, I am so disgusted that she thinks what she did to her sister was okay. She even admitted that all of this went far into her teenage years. This wasn’t a child being curious. It was an older girl taking advantage of someone who couldn’t know any better, and that’s not a joke,” said an anonymous student.

As suspected, the news of Dunham’s actions sparked outrage on social media, most of which was on twitter. Here are some of the responses:



The idea that a grown woman cannot see her predatory actions from childhood as wrong is deeply disturbing and truly reflects the mind of Lena Dunham.

How do you feel about the Lena Dunham scandal?

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