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Leggings no-more

by ALISON LEVIER Section Editor

Schools all around the country are beginning to ban leggings because they are distracting to male students. They say “distraction”–most American girls say “my life”.

Leggings are perhaps the most comfortable addition to any wardrobe, while still being wearable and somewhat nice-looking. The fact that probably the best thing to happen in clothing trends is being taken away from some poor teenage souls is horribly disconcerting and, frankly, revolting.

“Banning leggings is completely absurd and unnecessary. I agree that sometimes girls wearing them can be seen as inappropriate if they are a sheer material and they are not covering up well enough, but leggings are a style now that is comfortable and chic at the same time. For the girl that wear them appropriately (thick and covered), the ban would be unfair,” says senior Samantha Widmer.

Unfair, it is. The fact that the clothes girls can and cannot wear is being dictated by the male student body at some schools is an outrage. Did we not get past this fifty years ago? Women and men are created equal. If girls are forbidden to wear leggings, boys should be forbidden to wear jeans with chains on them, or obnoxiously bright-colored sneakers. They are distracting, sorry.

“This rule is almost as stupid as if it were a rule to not show your shoulders, or drink water bottles during class. Oh, wait…” says sophomore Krystle Danza.

It is honestly frightening that teenage boys cannot stop thinking about sex for six hours a day during school and focus on learning. Tight fitting pants are becoming an issue now? Seriously? If these boys had some respect for the young women around them, there would not be a problem.

I feel so bad for this girls this is affecting, since leggings are God’s greatest gift to teenage-girl-kind. They are the best things to wear when you are struggling to pick out an outfit, or when you just need to feel comfortable for a day.

Maybe, instead of banning leggings altogether, schools should try something different, like punishing the boys who are getting distracted by the girls. Personally, I think it could be classified as sexual harassment if a boy is really so focused on a girl in tight clothes that they cannot pay attention to their education. Really, this says something about the respect level these boys and administrators have for these young ladies.

If ever this ban makes its way to MTHS, all hell will break loose. I am surprised all hell has not already broken loose in the schools where this ban has taken effect. It is downright WRONG that girls are told what they can and cannot wear, based on the opinions of their male peers. This is the kind of sexism that was present years and years ago, and it is simply outdated and wrong.

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