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Leggings: fashion or fad?

by ALISON LEVIER Staff Writer

Leggings (n): tight-fitting stretch pants. Love them or hate them, they are everywhere. From students walking through the hallways at school, to magazines with pictures of celebrities on their days off, there is just no escaping the infamous leggings. Freshman Emily Spzak says, “I think leggings are the most comfortable thing you can wear on the bottom half of your body.” Although perfect for a lazy day, leggings are not always the most fashionable choice of bottoms. What has created the most controversy over this comfy loungewear is the way some people wear them. Pants or not pants, is the question everyone is asking. Some girls wear leggings as they would wear jeans—with any old shirt they find in their closet. “I would wear leggings as pants almost every day, if I could,” says Spzak. Other girls are totally opposed to the fashion statement, arguing that leggings are not pants, and that one’s shirt must be a certain length for it to be acceptable. “Oh my God, I hate it. No way,” says freshman Krystle Danza of wearing leggings as pants, adding that she prefers jeans or skirts. “The shirt has to cover your butt,” says freshman Kirsten Pasewaldt. While Danza and Pasewaldt are extremely opposed to the fashion choice, other students do not mind the look. Freshman Anne Ballman says, “They have two legs, and they reach my ankles, and they are not see-through. They are pants,” adding that “they’re comfy and stylish. They’re good for any season.” “Technically they’re on their legs and they’re covering you, so they are pants,” says freshman Hayley Miller. There are many different ways of wearing leggings. The key to successful legging-wearing is finding the right way to wear them for your body type. Girls with a thinner figure can get away with wearing the skin-hugging bottoms in more ways than girls with a fuller figure. “Leggings can be worn to a certain extent. It depends on how your body looks in them,” says Miller. As with any pair of pants, it is important to stick to what flatters your shape, but everyone can get away with wearing unflattering, yet comfortable pants once in a while. One universal way of wearing leggings is to wear leggings under a skirt, especially in winter. While looking like tights, they give an extra warmth that thin stockings lack. Most girls opposed to wearing leggings as pants agreed that they can be worn, but in a certain way. “I’d wear leggings with a long shirt or a cardigan, if it matched,” says Danza. To all the avid legging-wearers out there, fear not. There are some that are slightly more stylish while still being just as comfortable alternatives out there in the fashion world. “Wear yoga pants or jeggings instead,” says Pasewaldt. Whether they are worn as pants, under a skirt, etc., leggings have pretty much been a staple wardrobe piece since the 1980’s. A style that has been prominent for many years, everyone loves to rock the stretch pants. Love them or hate them, it looks like they are here to stay.

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