Katy Perry rocks the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show

by AMY LASSITER  Section Editor

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most anticipated annual television events of the year, brining in about 100 million at-home viewers each game.

The 2015 Super Bowl featured Katy Perry as the halftime performance, sparking excitement from fans across the nation. Many speculated why Perry was chosen, and some even complained about the decision, but in the end, the 30-year-old pop sensation put on an amazing show.

“When I first heard Katy Perry was doing the halftime show, I honestly laughed. Recently, she hasn’t really been as relevant as she used to be, but I’m so happy they picked her. Even though it was a little weird, I loved her performance. Especially the backup dancers,” said an anonymous student.

Perry began the performance with her hit single “Roar”, riding in on a huge mechanical lion and dressed in a tight flame patterned dress. The look was definitely striking, but overall she was able to pull off the edgy entrance.


Photo/ AP Images – David J. Philip

After the thrilling opener, the Super Bowl stage transformed into an oversized chess board, complete with dancers dressed as game pieces. This set change helped transition into the song “Black Horse”, which Perry performed fairly well.

After “Black Horse”, fans were surprised to see R&B singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz join Perry to perform “I Kissed A Girl”. This number was by far the most disliked out of the medley, mainly due to an unexpected Miley-style move where Perry grinded up against Kravtiz.

Next up was a costume change into a short beach ball-inspired dress to transition into “California Gurls”. While many viewers waited in anticipation for rapper Snoop Dogg to appear onstage for his verse, we were treated to something much better.

Alongside a tropical scene were dancing surfboards, palm trees, and most memorably, sharks. Minutes after Perry’s performance, users all over social media were buzzing about the “left shark”, referring to the backup dancer to Perry’s left who clearly did not fully know the choreography. Thousands of edits and images were made in the days following the halftime show, creating the first real meme of 2015.

“The best part of Katy Perry’s show was definitely left shark. She did really well, but I think that backup dancer totally outshines her,” said junior Theresa Zeiser.

After “California Gurls”, Perry finished off with “Teenage Dream” and “Firework”, even rising off the stage attached to a shooting star for the grand finale. Just as viewers thought the show was complete, they were shocked and extremely excited when rapper Missy Elliot took over the stage to perform a couple of her own tracks.

“Get Ur Freak On” and “Work It”, two of Elliot’s most well known songs were the highlight for many older viewers familiar with the 43-year-old artist’s work.

Overall, Super Bowl XLIX was definitely a night to remember, and Katy Perry’s halftime show helped to make sure of it.

How do you feel about Katy Perry’s show? Did you love or hate it? Tell us below!

Watch the full performance here

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