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Kanye West returns to hit-making and drops ‘Ye’

Kanye West released his eighth studio album on Friday, June 1, 2018 at midnight, and fans everywhere have been enjoying it as with virtually every West album.

West wrote and sang tales about his bipolar disorder, financial issues, and political stances. The album was expected to be a failure because of all of these reasons and problems, but West, as always, turned his problems into musical genius.

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, said that he had made the album cover on the way to the release site in Wyoming with a picture of the mountains with the line, “I hate being Bi-Polar, it’s awesome.”

The album features songs like “Yikes,” “All Mine,” and “Violent Crimes.” All seven of the songs in the album are explicit. There are no features that are listed.

The first song on the album is called “I Thought About Killing You.” West does not sing in the song until two-and-a-half minutes in. The rapping was decent for West’s standards, but he could have came out with a better intro song. The song is worth listening to, though.

The second song, “Yikes,” was an instant hit. It is a fast-paced rap song about West’s bi-polar disorder, and he goes back and forth on various topics during the song. The song will definitely take the throne for the most popular song and will probably be a top 10 song on the Billboard Hot 100.

Sophomore BrookeLynn O’Connell said, “’Yikes’ is the only song on the album that I personally like. It has a nice beat and great vocal work by Kanye.”

The next song on “Ye” is “All Mine,” and it speaks about political issues such as Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. The song was also a hit on the album, and it gave a new and different flavor to West’s already versatile flavor. This is a party song and will probably dominate the club scene.

The number four song on the album is “Wouldn’t Leave,” a tune dedicated to women who stick with their men through the worst problems. West is referring to when Kardashian stayed with him during his financial hardships.

West spits out his heart and soul on this song, and fans should respect that this song was personal to him. He also talks politically as he tells his fans that he didn’t mean to say that “Slavery was a choice” and that TMZ “caught me on a wild day.”

The fifth song is “No Mistakes,” and it is more upbeat than the previous song. It talks about West’s excessive party life and how he is still loved, even amidst all of the controversy faced in the last few months.

Song number six is “Ghost Town,” one of West’s best works of art. He has a choir of children sing this song with him, and talks about how he feels free after being in rehab for his bi-polar disorder. West uses a style from all of his albums, and pulls off three beat transitions in this song.

The final song in the album is “Violent Crimes” and West goes to a slow piano beat for this work of art. West sings about the challenges that fathers face with their daughters. He talks about problems such as dealing with men being with their daughters and the fears of mistreatment. West let the words come to him in this song and picked the perfect beat.

West produced a stellar album this time around and showed his lyrical genius off once again. This album was produced in just three short weeks after he scrapped the album he was originally going to release. West said that there was going to be part of all of his albums in this one, and he did not disappoint. West is set to release his next album on June 8 with rapper Kid Cudi.

What would you rate this new album and why? Also, what was the best song on the album?

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