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Jesus died for your sins, not your fashion sense

by CAROLINE GAVURA Section Editor

It seems as though everywhere you go, you will see people wearing crosses – cross sweaters, cross leggings, and cross t-shirts. It is one thing to wear a cross necklace to church, but most of the people sporting this trend are not Christian.

Crosses have always been prominent in fashion; most memorably, Madonna was famous for incorporating the religious imagery in almost every outfit she stepped out in. However, recently, the cross trend has become even more popular, and can be found in many teenage clothing stores.

Many of the crosses pictured on these clothes are upside down, but what does an upside down cross symbolize?

After some research, I found that originally the upside down cross was used to symbolize St. Peter, one of Jesus’s apostles who asked the Romans at his time of execution to nail him to the cross upside down, because he felt he was too unworthy to be nailed upright as Jesus was.

Kind of cryptic, huh?

Today, on the other hand, the upside down cross is used by Satanists to mock Christianity, which makes it that much more ironic that many Christians are rockin’ Satanic symbolism.

“I knew the upside down cross had something to do with Satanism, but I’m not really religious, so I don’t really care. When I wear something with crosses on it I’m not thinking about the religious aspects, I just want to look fashionable,” said junior Corinne Franchette.

Many people agree with Ms. Franchette’s opinion, and feel there is nothing wrong with wearing the symbol. After all, just because a person wears a religious symbol on their shirt, it does not mean they are a part of that religion, or any religion at all for that matter.

Although it may seem ignorant to people of that particular religion, wearing a symbol of something you may not even know the true meaning of, this is America, and if a sixteen-year-old Hindu girl wants to wear cross leggings to school, she has that right.

“I see people in school everyday wearing religious symbolism, but I never assume they are a part of that religion. Usually when they picked out whatever they are wearing, they chose it because they felt it looks nice on them. Sometimes it isn’t even really a religious thing, like wearing an ‘OM’ mantra t-shirt because you like to practice meditation or yoga,” said junior Bree Mckenna.

For the most part, when it comes to fashion, teenagers are only worried about aesthetics. Clothing, unlike something more permanent like a tattoo, does not need a lot of thought put into it. Basically, if it looks good, wear it!

The purpose of fashion is to cross boundaries and express yourself and your unique tastes. Others opinions and religious views should not stop you from dressing how you want. If you want to wear a Star of David necklace, a sweater with a cross on it and leggings covered in Ganesha, the Hindu God, then so be it!

What is your opinion on incorporating religious symbolism into clothing?

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