Jared Fogle’s downfall from inspiration to sex offender

Jared Fogle’s name went viral in 1998 in the food industry when a school article was published about his 245 pound weight loss from a year of dieting at his local Subway restaurant. Years later, he is famous for being a sex offender.

Subway cut their ties with Fogle after he was charged with distribution of child pornography and sex trafficking of children. A plea bargain was presented to him recently, which he took, to plead guilty to his crimes and serve only five years in jail.

“Seeing [Fogle] in the news was shocking. I always thought he was such a great guy,” says senior Matthew Bash.

Throughout his booming career as the founder of the Jared Foundation and Subway’s miracle story, many of Fogle’s employees began to notice his unusual fascination with young children. One in particular being Rochelle Herman, who had worked some of the events at which Fogle had spoken.

Herman mentioned how he would make remarks about how the middle school girls were attractive and that he confided in her multiple times that he had engaged in sexual interactions with minors. Herman was astounded and eventually went to the FBI, who told her to play along and record her conversations with him, considering the fact that Fogle seemed to trust her so much. She had to play a role.

“I had two young children at the time, and he talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch,” says Herman.

Fogle was also connected to the ongoing investigation of Russell Taylor, who has been charged with the producing and possession of child pornography. Taylor was the Director of Children’s Health in the Jared Foundation, meaning he visited many schools to fight against childhood obesity.

What everyone saw from the outside was a man dedicated to his job and helping children. However, the charges pressed against him in May suggest that he was not just devoted to the children’s unhealthy lifestyles. Authorities have also reported that Taylor’s “films” were often shared with Fogle.

Under the plea deal, Fogle will allegedly plead guilty and serve no more than 13 years in jail. He also will pay all 14 victims $100,000 each for counseling and other assistance. His court date was recently set for November 19, 2015.

From fame to jail time, Fogle brings a new face to a double life. An event like this proves even more that no matter how much we think we know people, we can never really know what happens behind closed doors. Even the people you look up to can be just as slimey and terrible as your average pedophile.

If you feel as though someone is showing signs of pedophilia, please tell someone. If you see or hear anything, or think a child might be in danger, calmly warn their parents or an adult. You never know whose life you could be saving by doing so.

“Saying something is saving lives,” says junior Alexandra Risko.

What is your opinion on Jared Fogle and the case against him?

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