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Constantly bleaching and whitening your teeth has consequences


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   Teeth whitening has become one of the newest trends in America but when performed excessively it is discovered to be unhealthy.

  According to an article on, a whitening treatment from the dentist costs about $300 and the procedure lasts 45 minutes.

  Patents can resort to home treatments which are less pricy but do not have the highest concentration of chemicals used to whiten teeth to the fullest. Therefore the process of achieving pearly white teeth takes more time and patience.

  Whitening toothpaste and whitening strips are commonly used by many to obtain a perfectly white smile. Unfortunately, whitening strips may slip out of place and irritate the gums resulting in discomfort.

  Sophomore Emily Ho says, “I used whitening strips over the summer but I stopped because they’re bad for your teeth but [they] I still keep your teeth white.”

  Excessive whitening leads to teeth sensitivity which may make it uncomfortable to eat, brush, or even speak.

  Experts say that people who go overboard by whitening products are weakening their enamel and may have dental issues in the future.

  Expert Golub-Evans explained to MSN that this is because teeth can only reach a maximum white color. Teeth cannot pass the particular amount of whiteness that nature intended.

  Although it is necessary to continue taking care of your teeth so that they can be healthy and strong for a long time, it is imperative that you do not over to it for risk of complications in the future.

  Ho frequently arrives to school with a naturally blinding and beautiful white smile.  Ho says, “I just floss and give my chompers a good ol’ brushing.”

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