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Iranian warships sent to U.S. borders

by EDWARD PINTO Section editor

Iranian warships headed toward the U.S. border were being sent as a political message about their nuclear weapons. On February 18, the United States, Iran, and various other world powers will hold a meeting in Germany to discuss the Iranian war and nuclear program.

Although a similar event happened three years ago, this time the ships are being sent with a purpose.

A “nuclear war” has been brewing between the U.S. and Iran with tensions growing stronger, especially because the Iranians have always thought that the U.S. was arrogant. If Iran were able to send warships to the U.S. Pacific coast with ease, and if they ever possessed strong nuclear weapons, the U.S. could have a threat on their hands. As of now, Iran is no threat to the United States, but are showing they have the ambition to be a great power in the world.

Experts are saying those same ships were sent to China to receive some type of war weapon or battle combat gear. The United Nations has asked Iran about their nuclear war program and what they intend to do with it. According to the UN, Iran has not given them any clear answer or evidence about their plans, which could be costly in the near future.

“I haven’t really paid any attention to this but I do know we have had problems with Iran in the past and you never know what could happen. Hopefully, everything will settle down and maybe we could become allies,” said sophomore Steven Rivera.

The United States and other countries definitely do not want Iran to make or have weapons of mass destruction. However, Iran has stressed before and now that they only have peaceful aims with the nuclear weapons.

Iran has been wanting to build their military into one of the strongest ones in the world, but without the proper technology and the ambition, it is almost impossible to achieve that. Iran sailing to the United States border is a huge step for them, although they pose no major threat to us considering no weapons are on those ships.   According to the U.S. Military statistics, Iran has never really sent ships outside of the Persian Gulf. Now that they have, the possibilities probably seem endless to them considering they have shown their capabilities. The United States does not really know what to think of Iran because the fear of getting hit by a weapon is very low.

“I don’t think anything will happen to us because they’ve said before that the threat is very low and they don’t have the capabilities to really damage us. So for now I think we’re fine,” said sophomore Zach Willis.

What do you think about Iran? Do you think they pose a threat to the United States or should we not be worried?

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