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Introducing the Galaxy S4


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 may have changed the game for all smartphones. It is huge, massively powerful, and has a ton of new features.

The Galaxy S series has been one of the best-selling smartphones ever made. This new model will have a 5-inch display, smaller than that of the Samsung Note II. This new smartphone may be the best-selling phone on the market, due to the fact that people can now carry mini tablets in their pockets.

The Galaxy S4’s hardware is plastic, although Apple’s iPhone 5 is aluminum. The S4 is much heavier, weighing about 130 grams, so it is very much a big device as it is both a tablet and a phone.

The hardware of the Galaxy is basically the same, though most of the new features are in the software.

The software of this phone is much different than the iPhone 5. First off, you can do so much more with the Galaxy S4. Its superior hardware includes NFC, Micro SD. Many of Samsung’s Galaxy updates will go to all of their flagship devices, which means you can install it on all Samsung phones.

The battery life is twice the size of the iPhone 5; however, the S4’s battery is unlikely to last twice as long because of the phone’s huge screen.

The camera features a 13-megapixel backside-illuminated rear camera. The smartphone’s features include a dual camera, which allows you to use the camera in the front and back while shooting photos, videos, and making a video call all at the same time. The smartphone also includes a LED, barometer, IR, and humidity sensor.

There are also a ton of camera-related features such as Sound & Shot, and story album. Camera filters and helpers, such as 360 Photo and Beauty Face, are also included in the Galaxy S4.

“I love taking pictures on my phone and the fact that the Galaxy provides all these new camera features is incredible!” said sophomore Tina Volkmann.

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause are also new neat features. Smart Scroll scrolls pages automatically with a flick of the wrist, and Smart Pause pauses a video when you look away.

With the S4, a person can switch the phone into a driving mode that automatically connects a Bluetooth headset, enabling voice commands when you use the S Voice Drive on the smartphone.

There is also the Air Touch, which lets you interact with the screen by hovering your finger, instead of actually touching the screen itself. This feature is the most convenient when you are eating.

“That is literally so cool! The thing I hate most is when you want to answer your phone, but you have grease all over your fingers. This makes the iPhone look so bad,” said sophomore Rachel Fawzy.

With all these features included into the Galaxy S4, this smartphone is making it a desirable, must-have smartphone.

The Galaxy S is mostly aimed at people who want to do a ton of stuff and enjoy their phones. This smartphone obviously does it all.

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