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Insider’s guide to all things prom 2015

Whether it is the buzz of buying the perfect dress or the to-die-for promposals, prom season is definitely an anxious and exciting time for all.

It all begins with the dress, which is thoroughly thought of for months in advance. Guys do not have to worry about any prom wear until after the dress is purchased. The prom dress buying season starts in January to ensure that girls have time to pick one and get it altered to perfectly fit them in time for prom.

“Buying my dress has been the best and worst experience. I love the dress I got, but it was stressful going through so many and humiliating that I didn’t look good in some of the fashions,” says junior Annie Chipchase.

Of course with prom dresses comes the struggle of making sure you do not buy the same one as someone else because that would just be absolutely terrible! If it just so happens that the girl you cannot stand in your algebra class does have the same Jovani dress as you, take a deep breath, remember it is not the end of the world, and realize that if everyone shops at the same store for a dress, there is probably going to be a couple repeats.

Next is actually finding a date to prom. Now, ladies and gentlemen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to prom alone, but if you do want a date, here are some tips on promposing:

  1. Go big or go home: cute promposals go down in history and get posted all over social media. If you really want your date to go with you, make it big and make it thoughtful.

  2. Make sure you ask someone who you have actually had a conversation with. Asking someone who you have been admiring from afar and have never actually talked to increases your chances of not having a date.

  3. Remember that sometimes they will say no. Everyone gets rejected, so take it with pride and never fear! Pick your head up and ask someone else. Just because one person said no does not mean you have to go to prom alone.

  4. Ask a friend: this ensures that you’ll have a good time without wondering whether or not he or she likes you.

  5. Ladies can prompose too: it’s 2015; stop waiting around for some lame boy to ask you and ask him yourself. Odds are you will come up with a way better promposal anyways.

“Promposals are the icing on the cake to prom, I follow at least three Twitter pages just about how people were asked to prom,” says sophomore Jessica Antonacci.

All guys really have to do besides nailing a promposal is make sure their tie/bow tie is a proper match to their date’s dress. Some may think this is no biggie, but guys, this is vital. If you are lucky enough to get a date, at least make it look like you have one on prom day. Make sure you match, even if that means dragging your date to go shopping with you.

Hair, nails and make-up are essential for the big day, but this can often get pricy. If you are a little tight on money and can only do one of the three, do it yourself! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube to help you get the perfect look for prom.

The Junior and Senior Proms of 2015 are coming up quickly, so remember that it was made for the students and do not let anything ruin your night.

What is your favorite part about prom season?

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