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I don’t do my makeup for men

Stereotyping haunts people’s lives every day, causing everything from tears to arguments. Some of the most common are nationality, religion, or style of clothing, but what about makeup?

I know it seems silly to be offended over makeup, but, unfortunately, it is something that people do make comments about. As a makeup fanatic myself, I have faced comments and insults on my makeup regularly. I also get offended when I see other people get insulted on their makeup.

What many don’t understand is that makeup is, in fact, an artistry. It is just as artistic as putting a paint brush on a canvas. I mean, we do use brushes! And just as people do not understand some art forms, they can’t understand makeup, either.

“They’re cool,” says junior Gabrielle Munoz on people who wear a lot of makeup.

Stereotyping people who wear makeup is something that happens so often, usually by either straight males or females who don’t wear/like makeup. For example, the Kylie Jenner lip is a new term that people like to use to make fun of whoever overdraws their lips, though overdrawn lips have been a well-respected makeup technique from well before her time.

The stereotype of girls (and guys) who wear makeup not being comfortable in their own skin is also an insult.

Demi Lovato tweeted about YouTubers who make tutorials on contouring and highlighting. It was very hypocritical, considering Lovato is a celebrity who has professional makeup and contouring applied regularly, but is starting to push her fans to go makeup-free.


My face is permanently the “rolling-eyes emoji”. Many fans were upset since Lovato tries to put out the message of girls being themselves and being happy, but still bashing something that is a passion to many.

Just because we may dazzle our faces with eyeshadow and foundation and eyeliner does not mean we aren’t comfortable in our own skin. Most people say they actually love the way they look with no makeup. Of course, for some, this stereotype might be true.

Makeup is not always a way to cover our faces, making us look totally different. That is not the point. The point is for us to express our creativity on our face! Some start sketching, but we start blending.

Some people also believe that women wear makeup to impress men. THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING STEREOTYPE EVER. Again, for some, this stereotype is unfortunately true, but for most it is not at all.

Women do not do their makeup to impress men. In fact, for me personally, I don’t do anything to impress a guy. If I did, I would not dress, do my hair, or do my makeup the way I do at all.

Girls should be doing their makeup for themselves. If you don’t feel like wearing any makeup, then don’t. If you want to wing out your eyes, give yourself a bold brow, and contour the heck out of your cheeks, then do it! Most guys don’t like a lot of makeup, and some even don’t like any at all, but that shouldn’t matter one bit. Makeup is for you, not them.

The next time you feel it’s okay to judge and make fun of someone who wears a lot of makeup, just remember it is an art. Although you may not a view it as one, it is a passion to many.

Do you face any unfair stereotypes in your life? What are they?

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