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How you can make a couple extra bucks this summer

Working over the summer is a quick and easy way that students can make money, as well as assert their independence.

Having a summer job in high school is a great opportunity to earn money to spend, pay for college tuition in the future, and gain practical work experience for a future career, all while providing opportunities that are not available during the school year.

As a high schooler, teens may feel that they are not qualified to land a prime summer job. However, there are tons of options available to high school students of all ages that pay a decent amount.

The easiest job that pays quite a bit is babysitting.

For this job, one does not need any major qualifications other than being good with children. Babysitting pays a fair amount, but it really depends on the person and the amount of time one would be on the job.

Freshmen Monisha Kapadia says, “I babysit pretty often and my average pay rate is about 15 dollars, which isn’t bad at all for a babysitting job. There is also the fact that the more you babysit, the money piles up so you end up making a lot.”

Another option that is open to high school students is tutoring.

Similar to babysitting, you do not need qualifications except being able to teach a specific subject. If you are strong in a subject, an option is advertising for yourself. It may not pay the most, but it can help you gain great experience in teaching. It also looks very good on college applications. Many people like to have fun during the summer, but in this job, you can set their own hours, leaving plenty of time to have fun.

The most popular option for high schoolers is being a lifeguard.

In order to do this job, one must be able to meet certain criteria. These include meeting first aid requirements, CPR certification, and basic water rescue. The easiest way to meet all the requirements is through the Red Cross produced standards for lifeguarding. Most lifeguard companies use that to check off the necessary requirements. Lifeguarding pays a decent amount of money, but it depends on how much one works and where.

One of the easiest jobs for teenagers is dog walking or pet sitting.

Many people go on vacation over the summer, but what about their pets? This is where a high schooler comes in. Pet-sitting may not seem too important, but it is a very important job. One must have experience with dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. Having experience with animals is vital. A good tip is to have good references from family members or friends, which can sway a customer’s opinion greatly.

Freshmen Shelly Singhvi says, “I used to pet sit over the summer and it was really fun. I absolutely love animals, so it wasn’t an obligation for me; it was actually really fun. I got paid a solid amount and I was really happy with how it went. If someone is interested in getting a job for the summer, I would definitely recommend pet sitting.”

Waiting until a week before school lets out to find a job will not help to secure a position. Lots of people will be looking for jobs, so beat everyone to the chase by starting to look before school lets out. That way, you can start making money right away.

Starting your job search early is not the only thing that can help increase your chances, so here are a few more tips:

The easiest thing you can do it just ask around. Asking your family, friends, and neighbors is a good way to see what options are available to you. Also consider asking your teachers and guidance counselor for help.

Something that is really helpful in the job-hunting process is preparing references. Make a list of names and phone numbers of people who can vouch for you both personally and professionally. You may be asked for references in the form of a letter of recommendation during the interview process, which you can get from teachers, counselors, or places you may have volunteered in the past.

If you wish to be self-employed over the summer, you must market yourself. People need to know what the business is, and how it would be beneficial to them. A good tip is to make business cards or flyers and hand them out to people.

Having a summer job is something that would benefit all high school students. Many people cannot get a job within the school year, so the summer time is the perfect time to do it. When summer comes around, focus on your activities and find what interests you so in the future you can find a job that you would enjoy in that field. That way, you can have fun in the summer while still making spending money.

What summer job would you be interested in?

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