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How to survive the Thanksgiving dinner aftermath

Although everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving this time of year, we dread the days afterward, which consist of stuffing your face with leftovers and blaming yourself for breaking your diet streak. However, there is no need to blame yourself or the turkey when there are so many ways to get back on track.

Thanksgiving should be a day you are allowed cheat and enjoy quality time with your family. Fortunately for you, these tips can help you survive your food coma the day after your hefty meal and get back on track with your diet.

Get moving. Light exercise can really make an impact. Taking a 15-minute stroll in your neighborhood can get oxygen flowing in your body, which helps food move along your digestive track so you do not feel sluggish or bloated. And yes, running to your favorite store on Black Friday is another way to get moving!

Work up a FULL sweat. If you are one of those people who believe a high intensity workout can help your food coma, you are  right! So, instead of beating yourself up the day after Thanksgiving and throwing yourself a pity party with your leftovers, you can do these simple workouts in the comfort of your own home:

  1. Side step ups on a chair

  2. Lunge touchdowns with a jump in between

  3. Lateral hops with a knee raise

  4. Plank jack jump backs

  5. Push ups to side plank

“I really like to do at-home workouts after a big meal. I also think staying hydrated with lemon water is important because that helps to cleanse your body,” says sophomore Vanessa Mejia.

Boost your digestion. A couple ways you can help digestion is by drinking ginger or chamomile tea. If you are not a tea person, start your day with a green juice. All of these drinks naturally flush toxins from your body and prevent you from craving sugars and fats throughout the day.

At-home yoga. This is also another way to boost your digestion. If you are not too familiar with yoga, don’t worry, I got your back! Follow and perform these yoga poses to undo overeating:

  1. Apanasana pose: Lay down and pull your knees to your chest

  2. Seated spinal twist: Sit down with one knee up and use your opposite elbow to push against it and twist your back until you feel a stretch

  3. Chair pose: Start standing up straight and sit down on an invisible chair with your hands up

  4. Bridge pose: Begin laying down. Pull your knees up and push upward with your hips and keep your arms under your hips.

DO NOT repeat your meal the next day. I get it, you are gonna have a lot of leftovers from the night before. However, instead of having pie, turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes again the day after, try and twist it up. There are many other alternative healthy meals you can make with your Thanksgiving leftovers.

“I think it’s important for people to eat healthier the next day because not only is it good for your body, but it makes you feel better about yourself,” says sophomore Mary Anne Tenerelli.

So do not just lay there motionless on your couch whilst staring at your tv screen after Thanksgiving. Use this day as a chance to start fresh and maybe change up your eating habits. Also, keep in mind that you can use these tips anytime you overeat the night before!

How will you get back on track with your diet after Thanksgiving this year?

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